Beyoncé’s Been A ‘Naughty Girl’ For 10 Years Today


When Beyoncé‘s “Naughty Girl” came out on March 14th, 2004, I hadn’t been kissed yet. The naughtiest thing I’d ever done was illegally download “Naughty Girl” and burn it onto a CD with other ’04 faves like Usher’s “Yeah!” and Outkast’s “Hey Ya!”

A GIF trip down memory lane.



+ Watch Beyoncé’s “Naughty Girl.”

Today, we celebrate 10 years of “Naughty.” 2004 was a very long time ago. I know because of the font used in this official artwork. Also, Beyoncé was many shades darker back then…

But some things haven’t changed. Like, can you tell which of these GIFs is from “Naughty Girl” and which is from her latest single, “Partition”?

“Naughty Girl”




“Naughty Girl” — notice the surprise cameo by Usher?!




Champagne dreams are poppin’ in “Naughty Girl.”



Even though Beyoncé always brings the sexy, it’s important to understand that being sexy doesn’t mean you should be careless. I hate to ruin your Bey buzz, but she’d want me to say this too:

Half of all sexually active young people will get an STD before the age of 25. So if you’re thinking of being a “Naughty Girl” or boy tonight, please be sure you do it safely. Now go on and get your freak on! It’s FRIDAY!!!

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