You Don’t Have To Be Music’s First Billionaire Couple To Make An Impact

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

If you weren’t already jealous of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, prepare to turn green with Ivy — I mean, envy — because the power couple of all power couples are now officially billionaires.

Beyoncé’s $50 million Pepsi deal and reported $116 million “Mrs. Carter” tour earnings are said to have pushed the wealthy couple over the edge…and Jay, well, he’s been stackin’ paper since before Justin Bieber learned how to count. Read your bank statement, cry a little, then check out four ways to give back for little to nothing.

+ Live Below The Line

Live Below the Line challenges people to live at the global poverty line —  $1.50 a day — from April 29th to May 3rd. This means that, for 5 days, you have a total of $7.50 with which to buy all ingredients for your meals. Spend even less than $1.50 (or just eat better) by pooling your money with friends. Oh, and if you grab a handful of Skittles from a candy jar, it totally comes out of your budget!

+ Miss A Meal

Bey, mama Tina, and their church pastor recently teamed up to feed hungry Americans. Give $1 to their organization Miss A Meal to send an appetizer, soup, salad or entree to someone really who needs it.

+ charity: water

charity: water spends 100% of public donations on bringing clean drinking water to people around the world. Join Justin Bieber, Kristen Bell, Jaden Smith, and a whole lotta other celebs by donating any amount to the cause. Whether it’s ten cents, $10, or $1,000,000,000 (I’m talking to you Bey and Jay!), every little — or big — bit helps. You can even forgo receiving gifts for your birthday and ask your loved ones to donate to the cause instead.

+ Give Your Time!

Don’t gimme any of that “time is money” crap, ’cause I know you waste just as much time watching movies on your computer as I do! If you’re hurtin’ for cash, find an animal rescue, homeless shelter, LGBT center, or any organization you’re passionate about in your area, and volunteer there instead.

What other ways to you give back with little or no money? Let us know in the comments, or Tweet us.

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Miss A Meal

Miss A Meal

It only takes $1 to send a meal to a hungry American!