In Defense of Queen Bey: Beyoncé is a Fit ‘Grown Woman’ in New Ad

Photo: (Youtube)

Photo: (YouTube/Pepsi)

What’s better than one Beyoncé? A whoooole lotta Beyoncés! The diva, who I think is aging backwards, dances with mirrored versions of herself in a new Pepsi ad set to her upcoming single “Grown Woman.” But some people aren’t happy with Beyoncé’s $50 million Pepsi endorsement deal.

+ Watch Beyoncé Dance Like a “Grown Woman”

It’s not the money they’re jelly of, but the fact that selling soda sorta contradicts her work with First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” fitness campaign. Watch the vid above, then check out why I still think Bey is a First Lady of fitness.

+ Treat Yourself

When trying to get or stay fit, dietitians say it’s important to treat yourself every once in a while. Whether your treat of choice is a can of Pepsi or a piece of pie, occasionally indulging will keep you from binging, or feeling totally restricted and then quitting your diet altogether. It’s like the day I ate nothing but salad…then demolished and entire pizza at two in the morning ’cause I was SO. FRIGGIN’. HUNGRY.

+ Portion Control

It’s not like Beyoncé chugged an entire Big Gulp. It’s just a can of soda, and in a court of law, one wouldn’t even be able to prove that she had the whole thing. Not guilty! According to the Mayo Clinic, portion control is an important part of any healthy diet. Learn how to eat the right amounts of the right foods — and even the right amounts of the wrong ones! I guess I didn’t need to eat that whole pizza…

+ Werk It!

I’m pretty sure Beyoncé burned off an entire case of soda in the making of her Pepsi commercial. The real offenders are those of us who are sitting at our computers watching the commercial! According to the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign, “eight to 18 year old adolescents spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media including TV, computers, video games, cell phones and movies.” If you must watch Beyoncé all day, “Move Your Body” to this:

What do you think — is Bey mixing messages or do some people need to chill? Let us know in the comments, or Tweet us.

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