Agitated Beyoncé (Sadly) Has To Remind A Fan to Keep His Hands to Himself

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

As you know if you’ve been paying attention, Beyoncé has taught us a lot about life and love. She’s got advice for “Single Ladies,” what will happen if you fall “Crazy in Love,” and how you can tell if someone is “Irreplaceable.” After a fan slapped her on the butt during a performance this past weekend, the singer reminded people all over the world about another important lesson: Keep your hands to yourself.

Queen Bey is currently taking over Europe for her The Mrs. Carter Show Tour. During a performance in Denmark this week, a male fan slapped Queen Bey’s butt. Immediately after the incident, the singer reportedly told the fan, “I will have you escorted out right now, all right?” After putting the fan in his place, Beyoncé then continued on with the show like the true professional she is. News flash! When you pay to see a singer perform at a concert, the price of admission entitles you to attend the concert. That is all. Your ticket price does not contain some hidden fee that would allow you to put your hands on the performer’s body without his or her consent.

Whether if you are in a relationship or not, you are the only one who can consent to someone touching you or getting up in your personal space. Like It’s Your (Sex) Life explains, “you are in control of your choices, and you are in control of your body.” It’s that simple. Talk to your partner about what you think is OK and not OK, and keep that line of communication open. If you think you might be in an unhealthy relationship, check out IYSL and Love is Respect, or take action below.

If your boo says “no,” your boo said “no.” And if it ain’t your boo, don’t even think about it. Right, Bey?