Beyonce Asked, ‘What Is Pretty?’ And Fans Responded — Beautifully.

 It’s been a full week since Beyoncé dropped her new “What Is Pretty?” digital campaign on the world, and we have to say: The Bey hive has really impressed us!

Last week, the singer debuted her music video for “Pretty Hurts.” The moving story follows Queen Bey as she struggles to mold herself to fit socially accepted standards of beauty.

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Fans have been blowing up their social media networks with images, quotes and captions that show what pretty means to them.
Some share what other powerful women had to say about beauty.

Others presented heartbreaking images from their lives.

When you go to the “What Is Pretty?” hub, you find an entire grid of images that fans have shared. We’re only a week in, but here are some of our favorite images so far:




Pretty is subjective, yes, but we kind of have to agree with @MZMATTEO here:

We’re just getting started! Share images of what you find pretty, and make sure you include the #whatispretty hashtag so we can follow along.

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How do you define pretty? Upload a photo or video to Instagram tagged #WhatisPretty that captures what the word means to you.