‘Best Villain’ Leighton Meester, Tom Felton, Mickey Rourke Not So Villainous

Photo: Leighton Meester, Tom Felton and Mickey Rourke. (Getty Images)

Don’t worry–they’re only acting. The Best Villain nominees for the 2011 MTV Movie Awards aren’t really bad guys in real life. In fact, their convincing cruelty is all the more impressive once you realize how soft they are offscreen.

Leighton Meester: She kept herself busy on “The Roommate” by conniving, scheming and stalking her roomie. Even those of us who weren’t convinced of her ability to play a mean girl by her “Gossip Girl” performance would admit that her character in “The Roommate” was hands down worthy of the villain category–and damn creepy. Meester in real life is a different story: The actress is an Art of Elysium fan and a One Campaign supporter who spoke out for the latter back in a 2009 One PSA.

Mickey Rourke: After demonstrating whip-work that puts Rihanna to shame, Rourke’s turn as Iron Man’s nemesis in the film’s sequel left its mark. Turns out he ain’t nothin’ but  a snuggly-wuggly sweetheart with an animal rights agenda. He thanked his little chihuahuas in his Golden Globes acceptance speech two years, acknowledging them as his canine saviors during a rough run: “Sometimes when a man’s alone that’s all you’ve got is your dog.” Rourke later joined PETA in a campaign begging dog owners to get their pups fixed so as to control the pet population, curbing the prevalence of animals without homes.

Tom Felton: Harry Potter’s Nordic bully is all smiles in this photo of Not Draco Malfoy showing off Converse sneakers he auctioned off to support The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity in his native Londontown. He’s also been spotted at fundraisers like the Art Against Knives charity auction, an event supporting a victim of knife violence, proving that Felton’s mean streak is just for show.

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Spay or Neuter...

Spay or Neuter...

...your dog. Why? Read this article from the Humane Society to find out why Mickey Rourke is onto something.