TBT: Last Year, When We Were All Celebrating The Supreme Court’s DOMA, Prop 8 Decisions


We ran this story this day last year, when we when we were all totally freaking out from joy about the Supreme Court’s DOMA + Prop 8 decisions. We thought it’d be fun to run it again, as a way to reflect on all the amazing things that have happened in the last year, and as a way to re-live some of that excitement!


As of today, the Defense of Marriage Act (or DOMA) which limits limited rights to heterosexual couples, and California’s Proposition 8 which bans banned same-sex marriage are no more thanks to two long-awaited Supreme Court rulings.

For weeks, the Court met to announce their decisions, but these rulings finally came on the last day the justices were in session. As soon as the decision hit, the Internet burst into celebration (overwhelmingly so). Twitpics, infographics and status updates swarmed the Interwebz at about 10am ET today (June 26), when the announcement was made. Below are some of the the highlights!

+ Young people show up in large numbers at Supreme Court

Photo: (Twitter/@Meghan_Lopez)

Photo: (Twitter/@GregYoung3)

Photo: (Twitter/@HRC)

+ Infographics paint picture of DOMA

Photo: (Twitter/@HRC)

Photo: (Twitter/@thinkprogress)

Photo: (Twitter/@TheAdvocateMag)

Photo: (Twitter/@Timmyshay)

+ The State of California celebrates Prop 8’s defeat

Photo: (Twitter/@KamalaHarris)

Photo: (Twitter/@MoveOn)

+ Californians start to plan for gay weddings?

Photo: (Facebook/Modern Family)

+ President Obama responds from Air Force One

Photo: (Twitter/@BuzzFeedNews)

+ Google being Google

+ We’ve come a long way…

+ …And there’s still a way to go.

Photo: (Twitter/@ACLUNJ)

To help keep the momentum up, learn more and take action by connecting with LGBTQ rights organizations below!