Best of 2013: The Best, Most Memorable Quotes Of The Year

Photos: (Getty, MTV)

Photos: (Getty, MTV)

As the year comes to an end, we’re still replaying some of this year’s most memorable soundbites in our heads. There were many things that got us talking this year, but the quotes below have kept us focused on the issues, while simultaneously inspiring us to push harder for the things we believe in.

Here are our picks for the most kick-ass quotes of 2013:

 + Macklemore Backs Up “Same Love”


When Mary Lambert joined Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on stage to accept the VMA for Best Video with a Social Message, millions held a collective breath waiting for the speech that would become one of the most touching moments of the night. Clutching his Moonman, Macklemore quoted his “Same Love” anthem and delivered one of the most important quotes (and lyrics) we heard all year.

 + Lorde Lashes Out Against Cruel Commenters


The “Royals” singer has been making quite a name for herself, and it’s not just because she’s turning out some of the biggest hits of the year. Lorde has been outspoken about many things this year, but she’s never going to be one to bash someone for something they can’t change.  Whenever Lorde opens her mouth, we get quotes like this one or heavenly, groundbreaking hits, so we hope the singer promises to never keep quiet.

 + Jennifer Lawrence Fights Hollywood’s Body Ideal


With her Oscar win and big screen blitz in  “Catching Fire” and “American Hustle,” Jennifer Lawrence was one celebrity we couldn’t stop talking about this year (or the year before, let’s be real). The best part was that Lawrence couldn’t stop talking either. The actress delivered serious truth-bomb gems during almost every interview she gave, but this one had us choking back tears. Lawrence knows that she has millions of fans looking up to her, so we love that she’s so adamant about making sure they know that the most important thing isn’t how they look — it’s who they are as people.

+ Emma Watson Wants You To Be Your Amazing Self


We love Emma Watson now (even more than we love her  “Harry Potter” character Hermione) so it’s no surprise she made this list with her inspiring speech at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Watson took the stage to accept her Trailblazer Award, and she had most viewers in tears by the end. We love that the actress knows how important it is to be true to who you are (and that that’s where the real magic comes from). Here’s hoping her legions of fans were inspired to be bolder in 2014.

+ Wendy Davis Wants To Be a World-Changing Winner


She laced up her pink Nikes and stole the hearts of millions in the process. After her 13-hour filibuster to protest a bill that restricted women’s reproductive rights in her state of Texas, Davis was catapulted into the public eye. She’s so articulate that we had many quotes to choose from, but this one tops our list. We don’t like losing either, Senator Davis, especially not our rights. Hopefully we’re all on our way to being world-changing winners in 2014.

 + Miley Cyrus Stands Her Ground Against Critics


People might love to hate on Miley Cyrus, but she’s made it clear time and time again that she’s having none of it. In fact, it doesn’t even register on her radar. She might have caused waves with some of her performances and outfits, but the “Wrecking Ball” singer also made time to promote causes she cares about, address double standards, and campaign for marriage equality. It seems like, no matter what people are saying, Cyrus knows what she stands for, and we love that about her.

+ Jason Collins Comes Out to Inspire Others


When Jason Collins came out as gay earlier this year, he made headlines as the first male athlete in the NBA to do so. Although Collins had embraced who he was, it’s clear he wanted to do more and not hide who he is from the public. By coming out, Collins has made it clear to his fans that being comfortable with your identity, and fighting for what you believe in, is more important than what anyone else thinks.

+ Pope Francis Does Not Pass Judgement


Since being ordained earlier this year, Pope Francis has shocked millions around the world with his words and actions. He’s reportedly snuck out of the Papal residence to serve the homeless and has made it clear that he has no right to judge LGBTQ people.  The leader of the Catholic Church might be new to the Papacy, but we hope that his devoted followers embrace his idea of a Church that is concerned with helping others and not “unhealthy” from “clinging to its own security.”

+ Malala Knows That the Pen Is Powerful


Malala is no stranger to fighting words, but she still believes that books and pens are our most useful tools for changing the world. The education activist survived a Taliban attack, and, after recovering, committed herself to the goal of seeing every child in the world educated. If only more people followed Malala’s lead and picked up these “weapons” instead of guns, the world would surely be a better place.

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