Best Of 2013: 9 Memes That We’ll Never Forget


You’ll have a very “memey” Christmas after browsing this list of 2013’s most memorable moments. From Miley Cyrus to Doge the Dog, it’s kind of amazing how these silly memes encompass some of the year’s biggest events in pop and politics.

+ Miley Cyrus Used Wildlife as a Wrecking Ball

miley1Photo: (Pixenberg/HotSpot Media)

The next time PETA wants to creatively convince people not to wear fur, they should consider taking a page out of the Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” memes’ book. Perhaps the best way to avoid fur is to not wear clothes at all? Just sayin…

+ We Texted With Hillary Clinton


Photo: (Tumblr/TextsFromHillary)

Texts From Hillary was a big deal last year, but it’s an even bigger deal now that the former First Lady might sometime (like in 3 years …) be the first female president of the United States. Or perhaps we should call her “Co-meme-der in Chief?”

No, let’s definitely not call her that.

+ Nobody Likes Congress, Especially Not McKayla

congressPhoto: (Tumblr/McKaylaIsNotImpressed)

Congress’ approval rating dropped significantly during the government shutdown. As you can probably expect, Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney was so not impressed.

+ Starbucks Drake Hands Was a Thing We All Did

drakePhoto: (Instagram/djbroc)

Starbucks Drake Hands wouldn’t have even been a thing if the recipient of the most hilarious selfie vid of the year hadn’t shared it with the entire world. According to A Thin Lineone in five sext recipients pass private photos and messages along to someone else. In other words, the guy with the dramatic hands should be glad another part of his (actually pretty hot) bod didn’t end up on the Interwebz.

+ We Saw Red With the Human Rights Campaign

hrcPhoto: (HRC)

The Human Rights Campaign is working towards marriage equality across the United States, and in 2013, the Internet (well, mostly Facebook) went red when everyone and their mother changed their photo to the HRC logo. Our photo-swapping (and activist) efforts paid off, as same-sex marriage is now legal in 16 states, including California, New Jersey, Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Maryland.

+ Doge the Dog. Wow Much Cute

Photos: (KnowYourMeme)

Doge the Dog ruled the Internet in 2013, but while we dote over Doge’s cute grammar, let’s not forget about the 2.7 million shelter pets that aren’t adopted every year. Think about all the Grumpy Cats and Lil Bubs out there, waiting for forever homes (and YouTube stardom). Wow. Such Fluffy.

+ Sharknado Took Us by Storm

sharknadoPhoto: (Instagram/KnowYourMeme)

Sharknado” was the best worst movie of the year. The kind of movie you’ll both never forget and never watch again. Although this meme is poking fun at the film, it makes an interesting point about how dramatically climate change impacts our environment. While a tornado made out of sharks is an unlikely possibility, climate change is often the catalyst for real natural disasters.

+ Manti Te’o & The Reality Of Getting Catfished

BYU v Notre Dame

Many were shocked to hear that football star Manti Te’o was catfished, but it touched upon an issue that’s so prevalent in our society that we have a TV show about it. The memes regarding Manti Te’o faux love life were hilarious, but we hope one thing stuck out in everyone’s head: Meet someone IRL before you get all “Drunk in Love” with them.

+ We All Wanted Blurred Gender Lines

bigotPhoto: (YouTube/AucklandLawReview)

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” topped music charts around the world this summer, so naturally, like everything super-popular, the parodies were plentiful. The original video featured three topless female models not really doing anything but being ridiculously good-looking while the men looked on, groped them and sang less-than-female-friendly lyrics. Many people, like the ladies above, made their own versions of the video featuring a little role reversal and a lot of feminism. And, yeah, we loved it.

Wonder what memes 2014 has in store for us! Till then, take action with these memes below!

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Human rights were the subject of the year. See how you can get involved with the Human Rights Campaign.

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