Best of 2012: The Boldest Celeb Fashions + Charity Trends of the Year

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Celebs made a lot of bold fashion statements in 2012, but just as important as the statements they made with their clothes were the statements they made in the charity world. Here’s our list of 2012’s boldest fashion trends, and the celebs whose bold actions matched their bold attire.

+ Bowties

Bowties are no longer just for old men and Channing Tatum male strippers. This year, One Direction’s Harry Styles made the bowtie fun, youthful, and [I feel so wrong for finding an 18-year-old] sexy. Even sexier were all of the ways Harry and his band of Brits gave back, like helping restore the shore after Hurricane Sandy.  And let’s not forget about 2012’s ultimate man in a bowtie, PSY of “Gangnam Style” fame, who should probably win a Nobel Prize for uniting the world through song and awkward dance!

Nail Art

While most nail art is just for fun (and some just downright crazy), Katy Perry often uses hers to make a statement. Her nails looked rather presidential at the October “30 Days To Victory Event,” where she performed in support of Obama’s reelection campaign. Make a positive statement with your nails by rockin’ a blue and yellow equal sign in support of LGBTQ equality, a creative version of your favorite cause’s logo (like a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness), or even cute panda faces if you’re passionate about wildlife preservation.

+ Man Skirts

Kanye West rocked a leather skirt at the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief, and while it’s gonna take a lot more than that for Yeezy to shock us (maybe he should dress it up with heels next time?), his bold wardrobe choice brought a lot of attention to the event and the charity involved. Other male skirt enthusiasts include Jared Leto, Marc Jacobs, and even Samuel L. Jackson!

+ Short Hair

From P!nk, to Rihanna, to Emma Watson, 2012 was the year of fab short hairdos…but it was Miley Cyrus’ bold cut that took the world by storm. Miley used this year to make a lot of bold statements, like going barefoot for charity and voting for the very first time!

+ Studs

Studs are everywhere! On shoes; on bags; on jackets; making my vanilla latte in the morning. Oh, guy-who-works-at-Starbucks — you’re the only reason I buy coffee I can’t afford 7 days a week. Speaking of studs, Justin Bieber was one of charity’s biggest studs this year, working closely with Pencils of Promise to build schools for children around the world.

+ Neon

Neon made a comeback this year, including on the set of Selena Gomez’ upcoming movie “Spring Breakers.” She and costars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson stood out in neon bikinis, but what Selena really stood out for in 2012 was her charity work. From helping children in need with UNICEF to urging fans to adopt abandoned dogs, Selena proved that nobody is too young to make a positive difference in the world. If you’re lookin’ to stand out in the New Year, check out our list of neon fashion trends that benefit good causes.

What was your fave fashion trend of 2012? Let us know in the comments section below, and take action below to learn how to donate your old fashion to a good cause.

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