Bieber Did So Much In His Teen Years + A Lot Of It Was Very Good!

BieberQuotes-Main Justin Bieber is officially leaving his teen years behind and turning the big 2-0. With all the recent dramz going on around the birthday boy, we take a look at his shinier moments.

’Cause, yup, the Biebz wasn’t always making headlines for drunk driving and arrests. Throughout the years he’s made many more headlines for his top selling albums and all his work for charity. And charity’s still very much on his mind, as he proved yesterday when he Tweeted to almost 50 million people:

+ He Loves His Mom.

Justin was raised by a single mother and he never stops expressing his gratitude for all that she’s done for him. He isn’t someone who thinks his mom is uncool — and he even got a tattoo as his way of honoring her!

+ He Gives Back. A Lot.


Justin earns a lot of money, and he also gives back a lot of money. He’s done everything from help end child hunger to stopping the cycle of poverty. And people who follow him on Twitter know he often tweets about the importance of giving back.

+ Love Him or Hate Him, He Works Hard.


JB has accomplished a helluva lot during his almost-twenty years on the planet. He had four singles reach the Top 40 before his first album was even out, and once that album was released . . . phew. His albums have sold millions worldwide, saying his touring has been a success would be putting it mildly, and he’s even starred in the movies “Never Say Never” and “Believe.” Not bad!

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Take Action For Justin Bieber

Take Action For Justin Bieber

Take action with Bieber-approved Pencils of Promise, which builds schools in the developing world.

take action

Take Action For Justin Bieber

Take Action For Justin Bieber

Support charity: water.