How Would Barack Obama & Mitt Romney’s Resumes Fare In Today’s Job Market?

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Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will have the most important job in the nation come November, but how would the two stack up in today’s post-college job market? Using fake names and dates but factual information about their college careers, mtvU put their hypothetical resumes to the test!

+Watch Want To See Barack + Mitt’s Undergrad Resumes?

Romney AKA” Robert Miller” was an English major from Bringham Young University. As President of the Cougar Club  (not that kind of cougar club, although Mitt was a total babe in his 20s!) he raised a record-breaking $1 million for his college’s sports programs. He also held down a couple of security jobs. “You know what I think is impressive?” said CEO Ken Sundheim. “That he was a night guard…that means the kid is willing to do what it takes to make money.”

Obama, otherwise known as “Oliver Brady” in his pre-umé, is a Columbia University Political Science grad with a passion for business, philanthropy, and public speaking. He oversaw all volunteers at the Harlem City College, spearheaded a job-training program in Chicago, and was a member of multiple environmental groups. “He’s not looking to be second in command or third in command,” said recruitment specialist Sean Vergara. “He is more of a person who wants to be in charge.”

However recruiter specialist Rhea Faniel agreed that both “Robert” and “Oliver” lacked focus! With such a diverse array of extracurricular activities, she was unsure of what exactly the two want to do with their lives. When it came down to who had the most impressive overall resume, Sean put it best: “I can’t [say that one is] more impressive than the other because they are two completely different paths.” So will “Robert” or “Oliver” get your vote come November? Log on to MTV’s Power of 12 to register to vote, keep up with the election, and make sure your fave candidate gets the job!

For a laugh, watch Boston University student and comedian Cody Brotter interview for jobs using Romney and Obama’s mock resumes:

+Watch Candidate Cody Hijacks The Presidential Resumes

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