Bad Boys Doing Good Things: Hunger Games’ Lenny Kravitz Tackles Thirst

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You may know him as a badass rocker or, most recently, as daring stylist Cinna in “The Hunger Games,” but did you know that Lenny Kravitz isn’t just makin’ the ladies swoon in his skinny jeans and combating hunger on the silver screen? He’s also tackling real-life thirst!

Kravitz has teamed up with UNICEF’s Tap Project to help bring clean water to the many people in the world living without it. For a limited time, he was giving away digital copies of of his song, “The Faith of a Child,” with a donation to the project. “If you have to break it down water is the essence of life,” he told UNICEF during a recent Q&A. “It all begins with water. At the very least, everybody in the world should have access to clean water; to be able to drink, to be able to clean themselves and have proper hygiene. At this point, there are more than 780 million people without that right and that is not acceptable.”

According to UNICEF, 2.5 billion people lack proper water sanitation facilities. Waterborne illnesses are the second leading cause of preventable childhood deaths, killing over 3,000 children every day. During last week’s World Water Week, participating restaurants sold tap water for $1; all proceeds went towards the Tap Project’s efforts to bring clean water to children around the world. Although World Water Week is over, the Tap Project has listed many other ways you can help end the world’s water crisis on their website — which you can check out by taking action below. From liking them on Facebook to holding a fundraiser in your school or neighborhood, there are many easy ways to help out.

Growing up in Zimbabwe, I learned of the value and scarcity of water; however, residing in Los Angeles, I now know how easy it is to take water for granted. I have taken numerous candle-lit bubble baths (and imagined Lenny Kravitz was in the tub with me) without any second thought! If you suffer from bubble bather’s guilt like I do, or simply want to help the millions of people who go without clean water every day, join Lenny and The Tap Project by taking action below!

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Donate To UNICEF Tap Project

Donate To UNICEF Tap Project

Lean how you can donate to the UNICEF Tap Project and get an MP3 from Lenny Kravitz.