Jillian Rose Reed Of ‘Awkward.’ Fights Domestic Violence With Cell Phones For Survivors [Interview]

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Jillian Rose Reed, who plays Tamara on “Awkward.,” knows it’s never awkward to get behind a good cause. She’s backing DoSomething.org’s Cell Phones for Survivors campaign, which helps victims of domestic violence.

MTV Act is super-psyched about this campaign! All you have to do to participate is donate your old cellphones that you’re not using anymore. The donated cell phones are then refurbished and sold, and the money goes to domestic violence programs. To learn more about why this is such a great campaign (and what’s going on with Tamara in the new season of “Awkward.”), we spoke to Jillian for the deets.

ACT: Why did you decide to get involved with Cell Phones for Survivors? What about the campaign speaks to you?

JILLIAN: The most important thing to me is raising awareness. This is an issue that millions of people aren’t educated about, and I would like to use my voice to change that.

ACT: Why do you think people should help out with the campaign and spread info and awareness about domestic violence?

JILLIAN: I think it’s important for young people to get involved in this campaign because it affects young people! Millions of people fall victim to domestic violence and the only way we can stop it is to talk about it, to notice it, and to stop it ourselves.

ACT: What can we expect to see from Tamara in the new season of “Awkward.”?

JILLIAN: These last 10 episodes of season 3 are going to be crazy! Jenna is going down an …interesting path that will really cause drama with her and Tamara’s friendship. Not only that but Tamara and Jake have a lot of fun stuff! They will go head to head in an upcoming episode full of competition. The whole season will be a roller coaster ride, a fun and crazy one!

ACT: Also, if Tamara would donate a phone for this campaign what type would it be?

JILLIAN: Her blinged out, cheetah-print iPhone 4s. Duh.

Take a selfie of yourself donating an old cell to DoSomething.org’s Cell Phones For Survivors, and you could win one of the most iconic phones of all time — a duck phone autographed by the cast of Jersey Shore.

Be sure to tune into Awkward at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.

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