#AskWolf: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Answers Your Political Questions

Photo: (CNN)

When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer isn’t doing the dougie, he’s diving into current political issues on “The Situation Room,” his show on CNN (no, Jersey Shore is not involved). Besides being a total #boss (how could you not be with a name like Wolf Blitzer?), he really knows his stuff. That’s why we’re taking your political questions straight to the man!

So if you’ve ever wanted to get a politics question answered by an expert, now is your chance! Just tweet your question @mtvpowerof12 with #AskWolf, and we will choose the best ones to pass along. Keep checking MTV’s Power of 12 site to see if your question got picked — and what Wolf has to say about it. So go ahead, brainstorm away, and raise your hand to #AskWolf.