Ashlee Simpson’s Gettin’ Political On Us!

Photo: (Getty)

The 2012 Presidential election is heating up and the importance of involvement is no better time than now! The gorg Ashlee Simpson (who’s working on new music, FINALLY!) is using her voice to help raise awareness about the importance of Autism as an issue discussed in the upcoming election. Totes agree!

Election time is important for all of us to come together to use our voices advocating the issues we feel are important! Love seeing Ash use her Twitter power to get her message out. She Tweeted:

Each and every one of us has the power to create change! Here at MTV we want to see YOUR power pic! Or sign up to play our Fantasy Election game! We’re workin’ hard to bring some flavor (and fun) to the election.

This election is an important one, whether you are Team Romney or Team Obama, it’s important to get involved. Mazel to Ashlee for shining a light on Autism! Now, lets see you continue to be political. I kinda LOVE it! #Simpson2040

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