High Schooler Who Mocks His Mayor on Twitter Now Actually Running for Mayor

Photo: (asherheimermann.org)

With election season well underway, young politicians-in-waiting may be wondering how to get noticed on future campaign trails. Well, one might now follow the lead of an 18-year old from Wisconsin who found a clever shortcut into the political fold: Playing pretend.

High school senior Asher Heimermann set up a fake Twitter account, posing as current Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan. The Mayor has had a rough go as of late (with the bottle apparently to blame) — and his personal problems have been worrying local Sheboygans, who want to make sure their leader is alert on the job. Though the sham led to a cease-and-decist letter from Ryan to Heimermann, the saga continues.

Asher’s going back to his own name — and this time, with purpose and attention. He’s decided to throw his own hat into the mayoral ring, promising to serve the people better than their incumbent.

All things considered, he might not be a bad candidate. After all, the kid has experience: Asher was Freshman Class Vice President at Sheboygan South high School back in ’08-’09. The young entrepreneur knows how to communicate, too. So much so that he started a business years ago, running online marketing  and web content. Plus, he knows the issues, saying on AsherHeimermann.com that “Sheboygan needs a leader who is serious about focusing on job creation and working together to find solutions to the city’s problems”

Does this mean the fake Zuckerberg has a shot at taking over the world? Highly doubtful. Asher, however, may just take the vote.

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Asher's Journey on Facebook

Asher's Journey on Facebook

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