Andrew Jenks Speaks Out On College Affordability, Youth Activism

Photo: Writer, producer, and star of "World of Jenks" Andrew Jenks.

Andrew Jenks introduced us to the lives of young Americans across the country with his MTV documentary, “World Of Jenks.” Now he’s using his celebrity to speak out on an important cause: college affordability. Read his thoughts on the issue…

While filming “World of Jenks” I lived with all sorts of people from a rapper to a homeless girl. Since filming I have traveled the country speaking at colleges from California to Florida and everywhere in between.

I have heard hundreds of stories about success and struggle among people our age (I am 24), and it’s impossible to hear these stories and not realize that we have to find ways to come together to create an even better life for future generations. I love watching television, spending time on Facebok and Twitter and hanging with friends, but I also want to stand up for issues that directly affect us, and in turn, our country.

One issue that is hurting many of my friends, and millions of other young Americans, is student debt. Collectively, we are more than $830 billion in debt. It is negatively impacting our educational experience, it is distorting our search for jobs and it is preventing us from realizing the American Dream.

It’s time for this to change. It’s impossible to make a difference if people are not paying attention. That’s the first step:  We must engage.

Join the students of NYU, who collectively have more student debt than any other not-for-profit university in our country, at Washington Square Park at 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 16.

With face masks and specially designed shirts, we will make a bold visual example of our desire to create positive change around this issue.

Take part in a powerful step toward having our voices heard…without saying a word! You won’t want to miss the look on our faces.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page. This is just the beginning and we look forward to hearing stories of success as we become more engaged in our future.

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