And The $1 Million American Giving Award Goes To…You Decide!

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Joel McHale will take over your TV this weekend and no, it’s not because there’s a new episode of “Community.” Sorry to disappoint, die-hard fans, but it’s for an even better reason.

McHale will host the second-annual American Giving Awards, presented by Chase. The televised tribute brings your favorite causes and celebrities together to highlight some of the most deserving charities in the United States. At the end of the night, five of the charities will take home a combined $2 million in grants. I didn’t even mention the best part: you decide who takes home the money. The charity with the most votes will take home $1 million. The second place charity will receive $500,000, the third place charity will receive $250,000, and the next two runners-up will each receive $125,000.

Last year, TWLOHA took home the $1 million boon, but this year, it’s up to you.

All you have to do is log on to Facebook and cast your vote. Every Facebook user has one vote to cast, so choose wisely. Some of the charities in the running for the $1 million grant include: She’s the First, Architecture For Humanity (who is currently working with MTV to restore the shore), GLSEN, and Break the Cycle.

Voting ends December 4, and the results will be announced on Saturday, December 8 at 8pm/7pm CST on NBC. So this Saturday night, grab some popcorn and see how your vote counts. Don’t forget to tweet us and let us know which charity you’re voting for or who you think will take home the $1 million grant!

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