[VIDEO] Amy Poehler Calls On California To Pass Domestic Workers’ Bill Of Rights

Photo: (YouTube/domesticoworkers)

Funny woman Amy Poehler knows when to take things seriously, and she is serious about the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. The bill would guarantee childcare providers, caregivers, and housecleaners basic labor rights such as meal breaks and overtime pay.

In the following PSA for the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance, Amy comes clean about how she balances her life as a mother and a professional:

“I am an actor, a mother, and a working woman, and many people ask me how I balance it all,” she says. “The truth is that it would not be possible for me to do all of those things without the help that I get in my home.” She goes on, “Every day so many workingwomen get to do what they do because there are wonderful people in their home helping them. These workers who inspire and influence our children, who take care of our loved ones and our homes have been excluded from basic labor protection.”

From workers’ rights to rising cost of college, there are many issues you can affect by flexing your power this November.  What will you call on our government to pass? Learn more about Amy’s efforts and get involved in the 2012 election by taking action below.

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Learn more about the National Domestic Workers Alliance and how you can get involved.