[POLL] ‘American Idol’ Finalists Share Eco-Tips! Which Is Your Earth Day Idol?

Photo: The top 7 finalists on Season 11 of American Idol. (FOX Broadcasting)

Some of the best things EVER are green: Jennifer Lopez’s infamous Grammy dress, Jennifer Lopez’s BAFTA dress, and trees — just to name a few. This week, the “American Idol” top 7 finalists celebrated the latter and all things environment in celebration of Earth Day (this Sunday, April 22). In separate videos posted on the “Idol” website, the contestants agreed is was a very important day for all of us, and put the mic down to tell us why.

Photo: The “American Idol” finalists look out from their Los Angeles mansion. (FOX Broadcasting)

Last night, they sang songs from “now” and “then.” We heard hits from two different periods in music, ranging from Adele and Alicia Keys to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. But the world of music isn’t the only world that has seen drastic changes — our planet isn’t exactly what it used to be. Good news: we can help prevent further damage!

Below you’ll find each of the contestants’ eco-friendly action they try to commit to on a daily-basis. (Feel free to click on their name to watch the actual video!) After you check them all out, let us know who YOU feel makes the best Earth Day Idol.

+ Colton Dixon drives his car while rolling down the windows and blasting music. To make sure he isn’t hurting Mother Nature in the process, he opted for a car with great gas mileage.

+ Elise Testone makes sure she reuses things whenever she can — whatever she can wash and reuse, she will wash and reuse to minimize waste.

+ Hollie Cavanagh cringes anytime she sees trash on the ground. She’s a fan of putting her trash in the trash can on a regular basis.

+ Jessica Sanchez recycles! She spends quality time with her dad making sure anything that can get recycled, is recycled.

+ Joshua Ledet doesn’t keep the water running when brushing his teeth, washing dishes, showering, etc. If he’s not using it, it gets turned off!

+ Phillip Phillips is a firm believer in the idea that our being reflects what we do to our surroundings. So, if you trash the Earth, YOU IS TRASHY. (Our words not his, but same idea.)

+ Skylar Laine really likes planting trees. The last tree she planted didn’t survive — awww — but she does encourage you to be aware of easy eco-friendly options that are of plenty now a days, from cars to shopping bags to food.

For more ways on how to be green, take action below. Want to share your way of going green? Tweet us at @MTVact or leave a comment below!

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Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

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