Amber Responds To ‘Teen Mom’ Critics: ‘Walk In My Shoes For A Day And Then See If It’s Glamorous”

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She’s one of the most out spoken and talked about young mothers from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant.” Today, to recognize the National Day To Prevent Teen Pregnancy (May 4th), Amber Portwood spoke candidly with Act about what it’s really like being a teen mom. And what does she think about those, (namely Kim Kardashian), who criticize the show for “glamorizing” teen pregnancy? “I personally believe these people are ignorant.” Read the full interview:

What’s it like balancing motherhood (as a birth parent), relationships, school and friends?
Balancing motherhood, relationships, school and friends is one of the hardest things ever. I’ve definitely grown from it and it’s made me more mature. Even with all the struggles, I’ve learned from my mistakes and have become a stronger person.

Did you know how to protect yourself before you got pregnant?
I did, but never took it seriously. Like a lot of teenagers, I didn’t really think it could happen to me. If I can help one person that’s great. The show has been able to help millions and hopefully it will continue to help millions more. That’s my goal right now.

What’s the one thing you wish you knew before you started having sex, that you know now?
The one thing I wish I knew before I started having sex was how important it is to prevent pregnancy. I love Leah so much but I could have had the years I needed to finish school.

Some, including Kim Kardashian, have criticized “Teen Mom” and “16 & Pregnant” as glamorizing teen pregnancy. How glamorous has your life been since having a baby and appearing on the show?
I personally believe these people are ignorant. If you watch the show you will see the struggles and how I’ve had to grow from it all. It’s not glamorous. I think when they say “glamorous” they mean us being flown out to LA or NY for specials like the reunion and being photographed, but I think that just helps more girls watch the show. It’s me doing my part to help get the message out. Walk in my shoes for a day and then see if it’s glamorous. Being a mom so young is really hard. Also, teenage girls need to understand the life that they really want is to be in school, to be successful, and not live paycheck to paycheck to support a baby.

What do you think is the best way to prevent teen pregnancy?
The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is for a parent to speak to their child about protection. Also, sex-ed classes in school would definitely be a big help.

Do you think it’s important to educate other young people about contraception?
A great way to educate other young people about contraception would be if more magazines wrote columns on what to do to prevent teen pregnancy. I think this would be great because some people are afraid to have that talk face to face – its another way for teens to get that information.

Today is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. What message or advice do you want to share with teens on this day?
Think before you act, cause if you don’t you will pay the consequences.

MTV Act is all about young people taking action on issues that matter. What are some issues you care about?
Some issues that really matter to me are preventing teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and poverty.

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