Sweet Tweet: Alicia Keys Wants You To VOTE!

Photo: (Getty Images)

On Sunday Alicia Keys was at the Billboard Music Awards, smoking the stage with her vocals as she performed with Stevie Wonder.  Y’all saw it, right? Then on Monday, Alicia shared her passion for voting on Twitter, saying:

She had to squeeze some of her words in there to make it fit (darn you and your word limits, Twitter!) but we all know what she’s saying and we agree. If you want a say about what happens, whether it be nationwide or something that’s going on locally, go out and vote! Talk about “voting” is going to be especially big this year because of the elections coming this November, particularly the presidential election. We all know how uber important that is. And there’s 45 million of us between the ages of 18-29 who are eligible to vote this year!

Alicia gives you a site to help you get yourself registered, Gotta Vote. And hey, MTV also has some cool election stuff over at Power of 12. You can find your polling place and learn your power as a voter.  Plus we’ve got all sorts of info on the candidates and their platforms, so you can see which candidate has opinions that match up best with your own.

Confused about political jargon?  No prob — we also explain a lot of those weird words and terms so you don’t have to scratch your head anymore. We’ll bring you the deets, and it’s your job to register, do research about the candidates and do the voting. We can rock it this November, so thanks for spreading the good word, Alicia!