Go To Your Room! 8 Adult Celebs Who Still Live With Their Parents

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

“To be or not to be?” Shakespeare was mad deep, yo, but with summertime quickly approaching, many college seniors are faced with a much more important question: to move home or not to move home?

According to Business Insider, 53% of 18-24 year olds live with their parents, and a whopping 85% of college grads plan on moving home, compared to 1 in 10 in 1980! If you’re swamped with college loans, can’t find a job, or just need some time to find yourself, don’t be embarrassed — Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and many other celebs are just like you!

+ Jennifer Lawrence


She plays a woman wise beyond her years in “The Hunger Games,” but in real life, 22-year-old Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t think she’s grown up enough to live on her own! “I think it’s because I’m not ready to own a place yet,” she says. “I have the money, but I don’t have the maturity.”

+ Taylor Lautner


You might wanna take that “Team Jacob” pillow out of your spring cleaning box, ‘cause “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner won’t be having real-life sleepovers any time soon! The 21-year-old babe still lives with his ‘rents just outside of Los Angeles. “When I can take a step back and imagine myself without the support system of my family and my parents, the people around me…that’s kind of spooky,” he says. “I don’t know where I would be today without them.”

+ Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato is a role model to many, but how does she keep from having a “Heart Attack” when she opens the monthly power bill?! She let’s her parents do it for her! The 20-year-old songstress and “X Factor” host still lives at home with her mum and step dad, who provide much-needed support through the tough times.

“If I feel like myself slipping back into old patterns, I have to ask others for help, which is hard for me to learn, because I really like doing everything on my own,” says Demi. One of the coolest things about hanging with your ‘rents as a young adult is you can finally talk about the hard stuff without being sent to your room. They were young once, and many of them struggled with sex, drugs, drinking, and relationships just as we do now.

+ Michelle Obama


If Michelle Obama is the First Lady, what does that make her mother? The First First Lady? MILOTPOTUS? (Mother in Law of the President of the United States.) Michelle’s mom Marian also lives in the White House, where she spends a lot of time with her granddaughters. According to a Pew Research Center analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau data, approximately 51 million Americans, or nearly 17% of percent of the population, live in a house with at least two adult generations under one roof! See, you’re just like the President!

+ Bradley Cooper


If you think living at home isn’t sexy, think again! People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Bradley Cooper, still lives with his mom! The two became roommates to support each other after his father’s passing. “But don’t get me wrong,” he says. “It’s not without complications. It’s not like I live in a compound and she’s in the guesthouse. No. She’s in the next room.” So next time your ‘rents ask you to do the dishes or clean your room, smile and remember: Bradley Cooper does it, too.

+ Aly Raisman


Although she’s currently in L.A. for “Dancing With The Stars,” U.S. Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman’s true home is with her parents. “My parents are so supportive,” says Aly. “I have a younger brother and two younger sisters, and they’re really awesome.” If sharing the T.V. with your little sibs again has you flippin’ out like a gymnast, try to remember that — of all people — they’ll probably judge you the least for living with your ‘rents! That ish is normal to them!

+ Speidi

Spencer Pratt

Just say it. You secretly miss them. “The Hills” reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt recently admit to moving in with Spencer’s parents because of irresponsible spending. Regardless of why you’re broke, living with your folks is a great way to save money while you prepare for your next big move.

+ Dev Patel

If you’re worried that living with your parents will kill your dating game, look to “Slumdog Millionaire” star Dev Patel for inspiration. The 22-year-old is dating one of the hottest women in the world AND still lives with his folks. “If you found my house on Google maps and it had a volume button,” he says, “you would hear my crazy family screaming.”

Crazy or not, consider yourself lucky if you have a fold-out-couch or old-school dinosaur sheets to sleep on. It’s worth noting that half of homeless youth report that their parents told them to leave or knew they were on the streets and didn’t care. Taking the trash out doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

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