We Don’t Know If Adele Is Dropping A New Album Soon, But She Has Certainly Dropped Some FEELS

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By H. Alan Scott

Speculation of a new Adele album, reportedly titled 25, sent the internet’s panties into a virtual twist. Although her management said there’s no truth to the rumor, Adele has neither confirmed nor denied anything, allowing the internet to go all, “OMG, I CAN’T, I”M DEAD, GOODBYE!”

What is this hold Adele has on our hearts? How has she managed to collectively hypnotize the world with her vocal ability? Perhaps it’s her …

+ Sassy New Mom Dance


+ Her Ability To Be Vulnerable


+ Maybe It’s That Hair


+ That Laugh


+ The Way She Drinks Tea


+ How She Stands Up for Herself


+ OK, Yeah — It’s That Voice


Let’s be real — it’s all of these things. Why? Because Adele is the reason for everything and everything is the reason for Adele. Done. Enough Said. The End. Good day to you.


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