Act-Off! Which Talent Judge Gets Your Action? Jennifer Lopez vs Britney Spears

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Both Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are raising money for charity by auctioning off some VIP QT to the highest bidders, so we figured it was finally time for these spicy ladies to go stiletto-to-stiletto in a full-on Act-Off!

It totes makes sense to throw these two in the Action arena — they’ve got tons of diva ish in common! Both survived career spinouts (one lost her hair, the other her Louboutins) to come back stronger than ever. The ladies cemented their return to the spotlight with high profile gigs on super popular TV shows — J.Lo became a fan fave as an “American Idol” judge (We’ll miss you La Lopez!) and Brit-Brit’s highly anticipated role on the “X Factor” panel has the whole world wigging out.

They have similar love stories, too. Senorita Lopez and Lady Spears were major paparazzi targets back in the day when they dated A-listers like Ben Affleck (Bennifer 1.0) and Justin Timberlake (Mickey Mouse approved). The gorge gals survived bad boy romances, too. Remember when Jenny from the Block went with Diddy from the Yacht? And who can forget the epic hot mess that was Spederline?!

Even though it looked like Marc Anthony was J.Lo’s real-deal Latin lover, she ended up divorced with two adorbs tots just like Britney. So how do these hot mamas handle their newly acquired single lady status? They date super fit, six-packin’ non-celebs: Jenny’s saying “ay papi!” for dancer Casper Smartand Britney’s a criminal for her former agent Jason Trawick.

But don’t get it twisted, these resilient pop stars aren’t just focused on boy toys. Britney and Jenny have Olympic-worthy track records when it comes to giving back and that’s why we aren’t surprised to see them donating their time to these charity auctions.

Photos: (Getty)

+Britney Spears
Britster’s lucky winner gets to hang with her during a live taping of “X Factor” and the proceeds will benefit Sports Spectacular, an organization that uses star power to raise funds for Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute, and Peace Thru Sports, a program that promotes global kumbaya through playtime.

+Jennifer Lopez
Love don’t cost a thing, but hanging backstage with Jenny does. Luckily, all the dough from her auction will help support The Lopez Family Foundation, an org started by J.Lo and her sister to help children and women all over the world.

So which save-the-world singer gets your vote today? It’s your prerogative, so get on the Action floor after the jump! Don’t worry –whoever you choose, we won’t hold it against you.