Act-Off! Drew Lachey Outlasts Joey Fatone On ‘DWTS,’ But Which Gets Your Action?

Photo: (Getty)

Now this is just unfair! Two turn-of-the-millennium boy band members facing off on the all-star season of “Dancing With The Stars”?! Only two weeks in and NSYNC‘s Joey Fatone fell way short of the title last night, leaving 98 Degrees‘ Drew Lachey and their other competitors in shock after his early elimination.

Being in an old-school boy band had a few very specific requirements: a lead singer named Nick, a closet full of color coordinated pleather outfits, and mad choreographed dance skills — skills that should make every spin, every turn, and every but of posture near perf. But we’re not here to judge the cha cha; we’re super impressed by the guys’ philanthropic work!

Check out what each boy bander has done philanthropically, and then take action for your fave below!

+ Drew Lachey, Season 2 DWTS Winner from 98 Degrees

Drew recently sat down with AOL, where he discussed his lifelong work with Camp Joy — an outdoor camp for underprivileged and disabled kids. He started as a camp counselor when he was 16, and now serves as a fundraiser, board member, and spokesperson. “When you take kids from the inner city outside and you show them the stars, and they basically see them for the first time…it changes your life,” he said.

+ Joey Fatone, Season 4 DWTS Runner-Up from NSYNC

From fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network to facilitating celebrity pediatric hospital visits, Joey’s Fatone Family Foundation is all about the kiddos! His Foundation also runs My Healing Harmony, which brings music therapy to patients at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando. When asked who he thought would win the all-star season of “Dancing With The Stars,” Joey replied, “It’s gonna be meeeeey.” Ok, so maybe he didn’t say that, but we bet he’s thinkin’ it!

So which boy band/”DWTS” all-star gets your action, and which one are you saying “Bye, bye, bye” to? Let us know by taking action below.

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