ACT-OFF! Shailene Woodley Vs. Theo James: Which ‘Divergent’ Star Gets Your Action?


By Melissa Unger

With only days until “Divergent” is unleashed, Theo James and his co-star Shailene Woodley have been crossing the country to promote their film, which hits theaters on Friday. Amongst all the fanfare and pandemonium, the two have made a point to still take time out and help others.

Recently, the twosome kept it ultra-casual in jeans and T-shirts at an advanced private screening for their film. The screening took place in Thousand Oaks, California, and benefited Shailene’s non-profit, All It Takes.  The org aims to empower youth around the world.

Summit Entertainment And Allittakes.Org's Private Screening Of "Divergent"

So we know that Shailene Woodley and Theo James, both members of the Dauntless faction in the film, like doing good for others together, but how do they measure up on their own? We know that the Dauntless faction is all about competition, gluts and glory so let’s get this Act-Off on!

+ Shailene Woodley


Shailene makes it no secret that helping others is a top priority for her personally. I mean homegurl has co-founded All It Takes with her mom, Lori Woodley.  Shailene’s all about marriage equality too. She showed her support by attending the American Foundation for Equal Rights’ reading of the Proposition 8 Play. The play “8” featured Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen and her “The Descendants” co-star, George Clooney.

+ Theo James


Even with how HOT he is, Theo is outspoken about beauty and vanity, often making jokes about the topic or not even addressing it at all. When Screen Rant asked him about getting into great physical shape, Theo said, “Yeah I’m thinking Four, he doesn’t want to be muscly. I’m thinking this. And [the director] is like: ‘No, you have to be much more muscular!’  Oh s***, so I had to begin the process, but to be honest in reality, I wanted him to have a kind of visceral strength, but not in a kind of steroid way.”

So who gets your vote? Shailene and all the great work she does with youth and the LGBTQ community?  Or Theo and his realistic approach to appearances in Hollywood. Weigh in below!

Photos: Getty and Summit Entertainment

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Team Tris

Team Tris

Take action with Shailene's non-profit, All It Takes. The org helps to empower young people just like Tris Prior!

take action

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Team Four

Are you on Team Four? Then check out love is louder, an org that's so into boosting self-esteem that it turned it into a movement.