Act-Off! Who’s Gonna Get Birthday Action From You: Miley Cyrus or Trey Songz?

Photo: (Getty)

Miley Cyrus and Trey Songz may be on opposite sides of the music spectrum, but the R&B babe and pop princess actually have a lot in common! They share the same birthday month, both have amazing physiques, and — because it’s what’s on the inside that counts — they’re two of the most giving celebs in Hollywood.

Since Trey turned 28 today and Miley kissed her teen years goodbye last Friday, let’s take a moment to celebrate all of their great work just over this past month. Which of the two (or maybe both) will you take action for to celebrate?

+ Trey Nurtures Angels With A Heart

Trey founded the Angels with Heart Foundation in 2010 to help underprivileged youth and to inspire fans to volunteer in their communities. Rather than giving him gifts at his shows, Trey asks his fans to give back to people and organizations in their hometowns. ‘Cause, you know, why throw a perfectly good bra on stage when you could donate it to a homeless shelter?! The Grammy-nominated singer performed on Sunday to benefit the org, and volunteered for Angels With A Heart Month last week in the one place on Earth NOBODY goes to volunteer: Las Vegas. When I think Vegas, I think stripper heels and tequila shots, but apparently Trey is a much better person than I am. He recently spent his time in Vegas volunteering at Three Square Food Bank, where he packed food bags for chronically ill senior citizens.

+ Miley Rocks The Vote

Miley recently turned 20, but instead of throwing a “Party in the USA” with gifts galore, she asked friends and fans to donate to her favorite charities: Saving SPOT! dog rescue and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which brings hearing aids to people around the world. WTF happened to people being selfish on their birthdays?! I was planning on having a night of presents and fun centered around me, me, me, but giiiirl, you’re makin’ me look bad! Miley was also one of many celebs who voted for the first time this year…and she looked damn good doing it. It took me a while, but I’m really starting to dig her bleach-blonde pixie cut. From filming a Rock The Vote PSA, to Tweeting up a storm leading up to Election Day, Miley did her best to get her fans as enthusiastic about voting as she was.

Trey has also made his voice heard around the election, and Miley is no stranger to volunteering, too. So whose abs birthday are you ready to celebrate most? We know it’s tough to choose, but take action below to support your favorite singer’s favorite charity!

Hurry, this Act-Off ends Wednesday, December 5 at 11:59 p.m.!