A Gift For Taylor Swift: Cats That Look Like Famous Women On TV

In a picture so adorable we’re surprised it didn’t break Instagram, Taylor Swift introduced fans to her newest BFF on Wednesday. It’s no secret Swift is a fan of “Law & Order: SVU” and cats, so it makes purrrfect sense that she’d name her newest kitten Olivia Benson.

Since Taylor  has pretty good taste in everything, we thought you might like to follow her lead and name your next feline friend after a badass woman on television. Below is our list of five TV icons whose names you should jot down before someone else claims them!

+ Dr. Mindy Lahiri on ‘The Mindy Project’


We love Mindy Kaling, so we’re all about Dr. Mindy Lahiri, the fashionable OB/GYN she portrays on “The Mindy Project.” We love that this is a comedy that allows a woman to be smart and fashionable, and we’ll always cheer on a woman who is kicking ass and taking names in a field usually dominated by men.

+ Jess on ‘New Girl’


Is your cat a little quirky? Does she like to sing to herself? Has she touched glitter in the last 24 hours? Your kitty might just be a “Jess.” Zooey Deschanel brought the wide-eyed teacher to our screens a few years ago, and we haven’t been able to look away since. She might make us cringe with secondhand embarrassment on a semi-regular basis, but Jess is truly all heart. Maybe getting a Jess will also inspire you to adopt a “Nick”?

+ Olivia Pope on ‘Scandal’


Want to follow Taylor’s lead but don’t want to copy the Olivia Benson name? Try another Olivia on for size. The Shonda Rhimes character, brought to life by the immensely talented Kerry Washington, is a professional “fixer” who solves political crisis after political crisis. Too bad she can’t get a handle on her personal life; when she’s not handling all of D.C.’s problems, she’s sleeping with the married POTUS. We know the women we watch on TV are just as awesome — and flawed – as women are in real life, so if you want a strong, female name for your cat, you can’t go wrong with this one.

+ Rachel Maddow on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’


If your calico is more of a politico, you might want to make note of this name. OK, so Rachel Maddow might not be a character on a TV show, but we think having your own TV show is reason enough for her to make this list. She’s been an outspoken AIDS activist since her teen years, and a few years later she became the first openly gay US student to win a Rhodes Scholarship. She’s since dedicated her adult life, while working in TV and radio, to asking tough questions about policies and raising awareness for causes she champions. Also, Rachel Meow-dow. Just sayin’. …

+ Hannah Horvath on ‘Girls’


Do you have a cat that is talented but a little neurotic? If you’re a fan of Lena Dunham, consider naming your furry friend after the character she brings to life on “Girls.” Hannah might not be the most popular woman on TV, but we love what she represents: a young woman struggling to figure everything out. Couple that with the fact that Dunham, the actress portraying her, also writes and directs the series, and we’re sold.

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