Meet 8 Women Who Are Changing The World — And Maybe Your Life


In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to honor the up-and-comers we’ll thank for years to come. You might not be familiar with them yet, but memorize their names right now. In a couple of years, they’ll be as recognizable as Beyoncé.

+ Emily Graslie

+Watch Emily discuss ‘Where My Ladies at’ on The Brain Scoop.

With a job title like chief curiosity correspondent, how could we not put Emily Graslie on this list? Graslie’s rise to Internet popularity came about after starring in a Vlogbrothers video in which she showed Hank Green some specimens in a lab. After seeing what a natural she was in front of the camera, Graslie was offered her own show. She now works out of the Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, where she films for the popular YouTube channel The Brain Scoop.

+ Miki Agrawal, Antonia Dunbar & Radha Agrawal

Photo: (Kickstarter/THINX)
You might not know Miki Agrawal, Antonia Dunbar or Radha Agrawal, but they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your underwear. Yes, you read that right. These ladies, the creative geniuses behind THINX, have set out to change the world one pair of underwear at a time.

When you buy a pair of their beautiful, leak-resistant undies, you’re sending 7 pairs to a girl in need! This means you’re helping one of the 67 million girls in Africa and other parts of the world who are without basic sanitary needs. Instead of staying home when they get their periods, they’ll be able to go to school, which will keep them from dropping out!

+ Laci Green

+ Watch Laci Green explain how you can’t “pop” your cherry.

It’s no secret that we’re positively in love with YouTuber Laci Green.  Whether she’s posting about a Selfie Revolution or the latest tips on how to have the best — and safest! — sex ever, we can’t get enough of her Sex+ YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions about sex, and we mean anything, Laci is your go-to girl! Here’s hoping girls young and old learn from Green’s frank and positive approach to sexuality for years to come.

+ Ann Makosinki 

Photo: (People Magazine)
Ann Makosinki is still in her teens, but she’s easily one of the most innovative thinkers of her generation. After learning how a friend in the Philippines was living without electricity and subsequently failing school, Makosinki started working on a flashlight that could be powered without batteries. Oh, and she was only 16 years old when she designed the body-heat-powered flashlight.

Flash-forward two years and Makosinki has already scooped up $25,000 from winning her age group in Google’s 2013 Science Fair. She’s still working to improve her design, but she’s more concerned with helping others than turning a crazy profit. We can’t wait to see how many millions of lives Makosinki changes in the future!

+ Julia Bluhm

Photo: (MSNBC)
Thirteen-year-old Julia Bluhm was tired of hearing girls her age talking about “fat” and imperfect they were. What they didn’t know, she realized, was that most of the images they saw in magazines and in the media were grossly photoshopped or airbrushed. Bluhm started a petition calling on Seventeen magazine to print one real, unaltered photo a month.

After receiving more than 80,000 signatures, Bluhm flew to New York to meet with the editor of the magazine, who agreed to “not alter the body size or face shape of the girls and models in the magazine and to feature a diverse range of beauty in its pages.” There’s still so much to be done regarding women in the media, but with young girls like Bluhm stepping up to call out magazines, we’re hopeful things will change quickly.

 + Debbie Sterling

GoldieBlox Inc. Debbie Sterling
Photo: (Siliconbeat)
Debbie Sterling knows the facts. She knew that men largely outnumber women in STEM fields, and she was determined to do something to get girls on right path. Hence, GoldieBlox, “toys for future innovators,” was born. After millions viewed a viral video featuring the Beastie Boys’ “Girls,” GoldieBlox has taken off.

Sterling, herself a Stanford-educated engineer, shows no signs of slowing down. Her products, girls’ construction and storybook toys, are now among some of the top-selling toys on Amazon. We wonder how many future Ann Makosinkis are playing with GoldieBlox right now!

+ Alexa von Tobel

Photo: Twitter/Alexa Von Tobel)
Money might be a touchy topic for some, but that’s not the case for Alexa von Tobel. The CEO and founder of LearnVest, an award-winning financial planning company, Tobel has been called “One of the Coolest Young Entrepreneurs,” and it’s easy to see why.

Don’t know anything about financial planning? That’s not a problem! LearnVest will partner you with a certified financial planner who will work with you through the company’s seven-step program.

+ Brittany Wenger

Photo: (Mashable)
Girls might make up the minority of professionals in STEM fields, but that doesn’t mean their accomplishments are any less impressive than their male counterparts. Brittany Wenger, a freshman at Duke University, won the 2012 Google Science Fair grand prize for designing a computer program that can detect breast cancer with 99 percent accuracy.

But that’s just in 2012. Only a year later, she developed a program to detect leukemia. Want to know more about this life-saving innovator? She’s given inspiring talks and interviews. Read up and see why Time magazine named her one of the 30 people under 30 Changing the World.

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