8 Winter Olympic Hotties Who Make Our Hearts Melt

Shaun White

Lets be honest, I may not be the biggest sports fanatic out there, but if it means staring at yummy athletes then I am all for it.

The passion, talent and dedication that Olympians have for their sports is on another level. After looking into (and drooling at) some of the sexy athletes, we discovered that they’re passionate about paying it forward. They totes deserve a gold medal for giving back!

+ Lolo Jones 


It’s no secret that Lolo Jones is an Olympic fan favorite! The Winter AND Summer Olympian is currently in Sochi competing with the bobsled team. Lolo’s namesake org, The Lolo Jones Foundation helps others gain their full potential by connecting with various community programs. One of the programs is the Hurdles of Hope. This initiative strives helps families who are dealing with incarcerated family members.

+ Nolan Kasper


When Alpine skier Nolan Kasper is back in Vermont (where he resides), the Olympian is known to support the Kelly Brush Foundation. This foundation helps those who have spinal cord injuries and promotes ski racing safety.

When it comes to chasing your dreams, he gave some good advice by saying, “If you’re not gonna put in the hard work, somebody else is. There’s a fine line between being okay, being good, and being great. And getting over that line takes a lot of work.”

+ Angeli Vanlaanen 


After taking three years off from skiing due to Lyme disease, the Olympian pushed on and landed a spot in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. She will compete in the first ever ski half-pipe competition.

After she was diagnosed with the disease, she began to film her journey. A Kickstarter campaign was launched and the documentary, “LymeLight” was born! Since the launch, nearly $18,000 was raised for the project. “With understanding comes compassion, and having compassion from those around us inspires personal strength. I want to empower others to be strong through hard times,” she said about her doc and battling the disease.

+ David Backes

David Backes

Olympian and NHL player (Go St. Louis Blues!) David Backes won silver in Vancouver and now he’s focused on taking home gold in Sochi. The hockey player is a bonafide animal lover! He’s all about Athletes for Animals. which focuses on “rescuing and protecting the welfare of homeless pets nationwide.”

+ Brooks Orpik


When Brooks Orpik isn’t moving the puck in Sochi he plays for the Pittsburg Penguins. Ya know what makes him even hotter? He’s a massive LGBT ally! The hockey stud even made a video for You Can Play, expressing his support to LGBT athletes!

“What matters to me and my teammates? A player with a hard slap shot. A player with awesome puck-handling skills. A player who can shoot. A guy who can help our team win … You know what doesn’t matter to me? If a player is straight or gay. Sports should be open to anyone who loves the game and will play hard,” he said in the video below.

+ Todd Lodwick

USOC Athlete Portraits

Sochi will mark Todd Lodwick’s sixth Olympic game (emoji applause for Todd), as he competes for gold in the nordic combined! He was also chosen to carry the United States flag during the opening ceremony!

When it comes to charity, Todd supports the American 300 Foundation as well as the National Nordic Foundation! American 300 focuses on supporting our service men and women while the NNF helps future nordic athletes!

 + Hannah Teter

2010 VH1 Do Something Awards - Show

After winning gold back in 2006, snowboarder Hannah Teter is hoping to snag yet another gold for her talented half pipe abilities! When Hannah won back in 2006, she came back to the states ready to give back! She launched Hannah’s Gold maple syrup which helps support a village in Africa.

+ Shaun White

Around the Games: Day 1 - 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Fact: Shaun White is DEF one of the sexiest gingers. Ever. The now short-haired snowboarder is a big advocate for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. When Shaun was a newborn he was a patient there — receiving two open heart surgeries. Last October, Shaun took part in St. Judes Thanks and Giving Campaign, in order to help raise awareness of the hospital.

Photos: (New York Times, Getty, Youtube)

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