7 Ways to Make Your Dad Cry This Father’s Day

sadman9Nothing feels quite as good as making your dad cry soppy tears of joy. This Father’s Day, we’re challenging you to make your dad cry A LOT. You know, the “oh gosh, I am so proud of you/lucky to have you as a daughter/son” tears.

+ Bring Home Man’s Best Friend


If your single dad is looking for some companionship this Father’s Day – and you’re not ready to sign him up for Tinder (ew) – then consider bringing your dad to a local animal shelter, and finding a dog his own age. Older animals are adopted a lot less than puppies and kittens (for obvious reasons), but they need love too.

+ Serenade Him With His Favorite Song


Dads live for this stuff! Find his favorite song and record yourself singing it. Or, better yet, if he has a social issue he’s really passionate about, choose an anthem that represents it and belt it out in his honor. What LGBTQ-loving dad wouldn’t love a rendition of “Born This Way” from his son or daughter? Or, you know, an Allman Brothers classic. Dads pretty much have their own genre of music at this point.

+ Support His Favorite Nonprofit


This is guaranteed to bring on the waterworks. Find out what his favorite nonprofit is and make a donation online in his name. Bonus points if you can convince other family members to do the same. Get prepared for a “I raised you right” speech, though. Dads: they take all the credit!

+ Challenge Him to a Pro-Social Wager


Dad’s love two things: spending time with their kids and beating their kids in stupid bets. Challenge your dad to a friendly wager where the loser pays money to the winner’s favorite charity. It doesn’t matter if you play a game of basketball or bet on the World Cup games, just make sure it’s all in good fun.

+ Become a Big Brother


If you’re lucky, your dad was a mentor in your life. This Father’s Day, pay it forward and be a mentor to someone else. By joining an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can pass on what you’ve hopefully learned from your dad.

+ Get Inked


Have a special father-son or father-daughter inside joke? What about a cause that’s close to both your hearts? Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but some dads would definitely shed some good tears over seeing a permanent reminder of their relationship. Just make sure you are of age and go to a place that is clean and safe – dad doesn’t want to spend Father’s Day cleaning off your gross infected tat. TRUST.

+ Go for a Walk


Download an app like Charity Miles before you go, and you and your dad can log miles for good while spending quality time together! Get dad out of the house already — he spends way too much time playing Scrabble online.

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