7 Celebs We Want To See On ‘Dancing With The Stars’!

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

The speculation of the upcoming cast has of “Dancing With the Stars” has already been in full force! See who we’d pick to be on the show!

+ Lindsay Lohan, the Comeback Queen


After appearing on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, LiLo seemed to be in a much better, healthier frame of mind. Being so vulnerable and taking that step to be honest when talking about addiction is a big step in the right direction. No doubt she will one day be able to help so many others get back on track, and give back just as it was rumored Ben Affleck did for Lindsay. Lindsay no doubt can act and sing, but we think it would be an entertaining to watch her dance in the Ballroom! Agreed? #TeamLohan

Colton Haynes, the Hot Guy


I think we all agree we wouldn’t mind seeing a hottie grace our TV a bit more — especially shaking dat booty on the dance floor! The “Arrow” actor may be busy filming Season 2, but we thought we would add him to our dream list regardless. Not only is he easy on the eyes, we also love the fact he is such a massive advocate against bullying! This past week, Colton Tweeted, “So happy to be part of the team @antibullyingpro ! Join us by making yourself an Anti-Bullying Ambassador!”

Bella Thorne, the Disney Star


Last season, “DWTS” featured Disney star Zendaya, and many fans were BEYOND upset when she came in second, so why not bring on another Disney starlet? Bella Thorne is not only BFFs with Zendaya, but she knows how to ‘Shake It Up” when it comes to getting her groove on. Bella also has a huge heart, which will make it easy for America to fall in love with the young star! Back in April, Bella visited South Central LA with the Get Schooled Victory Tour to congratulate a school on their improved attendance.

Bruno Mars, the Musician


Ever since Bruno was wee lil’ tot he has been embracing his inner Elvis taking center stage. The talented singer would NO DOUBT be entertaining to watch on “DWTS,” and proved he has what it takes to win the mirror ball trophy when he rocked out during Sunday’s VMAs! I mean, did you all see it? We also love the fact Bruno uses his dreamy voice for a cause. Back in 2012, the singer performed for an Alzheimer’s charity event where he belted out his phenomenal tunes.

Robbie Rogers, the Pro Athlete


Robbie Rogers may give David Beckham the run for most handsome soccer player, but we also admire Robbie for his courage to stand up and publicly come out to the world. After our interview back in June, we have continued to be so impressed with his audacity to open up and share his story. With legs like Robbie’s, he for SURE would excel as a front-runner on “DWTS!” We fully support more eye candy on that show! Hear that, producers?

Mama June, the Reality Star


Mama June may be one of my FAVE humans ever, and her joining the new season of “DWTS” would be a fabulous choice by producers. Although it may take subtitles to understand her, America will fall in love with her huge heart. In 2012, the Georgia peach helped her local community by serving food to over 100 families! We love Mama June!

Snooki, the Mini Mogul


We hope this rumor is true! Snooki has joined the list of possible candidates on the next season of “DWTS.” With a personality like hers, we know she would go far on the show. She isn’t afraid to speak out and let her opinion be known! With a big voice comes the haters, but as we have seen this year, she DEF isn’t afraid to take them on. She revealed in her blog, “It’s not a secret that I may not be the most liked person on the planet, especially because people love to judge me off of Jersey Shore….Everyone judges one another and EVERYONE has an opinion. It’s up to you to say, Bitch please, you have no idea what you’re talking about because I’m fabulous.”

We think all of these options are fabulous! Who do YOU want to see on the next season of “DWTS”? Comment below!

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