6 People Who Are Changing The Way We Look At Instagram

From #selfies to #WCW, Instagram is basically THE MOST IMPORTANT social media platform out there right now. Back in January, it was named the fastest-growing social media site globally. While there are over 200 million active users posting selfies, food pics and Throwback Thursday moments (etc., etc.), there are a few Instagrammers who stand out from the crowd. They’ve used their accounts for a bigger purpose, and instead of using social media to strike down others or focus on the negative, they have transformed their social footprints  into actual businesses. Below are seven InstaPros who have caught my eye over the past year for their creativity and the way they use the platform to make a difference.

+ Betty Who


Oh my, Betty Who is hands down one of my fave new artists of the year. She is also someone who understands the power behind social media to push her music further. Whether it’s connecting with her fans by showing off a new photo shoot pic, posting inspirational stop sign posts or reenacting a prom photo with Shaq (my absolute fave pic of hers!), her authentic voice shows through.

+ PSIMadeThis


When it comes to creative Instagrammers, PS I Made This is the one to follow. As I scroll down my timeline, I am always in awe of the craft projects that she creates! All her creations are DIY and will def get those creative thoughts brewing! Following a positive account like hers will no doubt help brighten your day, I mean just look at jelly bean Easter project she did!

+ Eva Chen


If you are a fashion freak like myself, Eva Chen is your go-to source for all things inside the world of fashion. As the Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, her Instagram posts allow the world inside her fascinating lifestyle and career. From behind-the-scenes shoots to what’s on her work desk, I always love when an Eva Instagram pops up!

+ Justin Livingston


Justin is a fashion blogger that is blowing up Instagram, attracting the likes of major retailers (Pacsun, Topman, etc)! With over 32,000 followers, his fashion fans follow every pic to see the latest trend, and obvi stare at his handsomeness. It’s inspiring to see someone utilize the power behind Instagram and turn it into his own personal brand.

+ Gabrielle Bernstein


As one of Oprah’s hand-chosen thought leaders, Gabrielle is a great one to follow on Instagram for that extra bit of positivity that we all need in our lives.

+ Hello Mr.


One of my fave emerging magazines for gay men is hands down Hello Mr. With relatable and refreshing content, their Instagram exudes the same vibrant energy, making you want to scroll through all the photos. From fashion pics to the behind-the-scenes photos of the creation of the mag, it’s an Insta to be followed!

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Check out Gabrielle's book!

Check out Gabrielle's book!

"Miracles Now" is worth the read!

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Get Crafty!

Get Crafty!

Take some YOU time, and get creative!