5 Ways To Take Action For One Billion Rising

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

It’s the day Vinny Guadagnino, Kelly Rowland, countless other celebs, MTV (and 13,000 organizations worldwide) and the women (and men!) of the world have been waiting for: today One Billion Rising wants us all to join together and make violence against women a thing of the past.

Right now, one in three women is physically or sexually assaulted during her lifetime. Think about it. You’ll know someone — a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, who will be violated or has been in the past. If that makes you want to rise up we have five ways you can help bring awareness about this worldwide issue that needs to end.

+ Attend A Rising


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There are going to be all sorts of events today, from dance parties to staged protests. Since this is going on all over the globe, there should be an event near you. College campuses and political buildings seem to be poppin’ for One Billion Rising events. When you attend, you’ll be kicking it with people on the same page as you — taking a stand on violence against women.

+ Get Into Ellen-Mode


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Today is a day to get up and dance. There’s even a page at One Billion Rising where you can share a vid  or photos of yourself getting down. When you share your clip or image, you show that you’re taking part in this major movement.

+ Talk About It


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Make sure the people around you know about One Billion Rising. Share the eye-opening fact that one one in three women is physically or sexually assaulted during her lifetime, so people can realize what a serious issue this is. Get a dialogue started on how we can stop violence against women.

+ Share Your Playlist


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What Girl Power songs inspire you? Something from P!nk or Destiny’s Child?! One Billion Rising wants you to share your playlist. We even made an awesome playlist (Beyoncé’s “Run The World,” anyone?!) for you. Bottom line: Share what songs make you want to dance (and change the world).

+ Spread The Good Word


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Today, we wanna see the hashtag #1billionrising go insanely viral. You can add a twibbon to your Twitter profile pic, and change your FB profile pic to the One Billion Rising logo. Let your friends and followers know this is a campaign you’re behind all the way. It’s time to rise!

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Find An Event

Find An Event

Find a One Billion Rising event near you, and let the dancing begin!