5 Flawless Ways To Be A Proud Feminist This Month

It’s Women’s History Month! Our friends from We Are the XX have put together an awesome story at Buzzfeed taking down negative feminist myths (like “feminism is over” and “men can’t be feminists”). So that got us thinking about how you can flex your feminist muscles and show how important feminism is.

+ Share Quotes + Inspire Others


The incredible Lizzie Velasquez, during our great interview and her amazing TED talk.

You can use social media to share quotes and stats about feminism. Like this one from Gloria Steinem: “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” You could also share eye-opening stats of how far women have come and how far we still have to go for equality. We’ve also collected a lot of quotes for your Instagramming pleasure!

+ Stand up Against Sexism

Jennifer Lawrence likes to eat. And that’s OK!
We can put an end to our bystander culture by speaking up when you see something. For example, if you see street harassment going on, don’t let the harassers get away with it. If someone around you slut-shames a girl, explain to them why that’s not cool and why it hurts women. Be like Jennifer Lawrence and don’t try to change yourself just to fit a sexist standard. Every day there are instances of sexism that get ignored, and we can’t let that happen.

+ Lean in & Be a Boss. 

Beyonce supports #BanBossy with Sheryl Sandberg.
It’s all about leaning in! Be the best you can be at work or school, and keep striving to better yourself. Ambition and hard work are good things, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

And if you need a reminder, here’s a “***Flawless” gif:


 + Help an Org & Help Other Women



Malala Yousafzi may just be the most quotable teenager on the planet. Plus, she has her own organization, which YOU can support. 

There are many orgs that help women’s rights, and you can help them by volunteering, donating, following them on Twitter, etc. You can even just start by researching them and learning more about what they do.

+ Support Each Other


Lupita Nyong’o has proven that she is all about using her celebrity power to support other women. 

It’s important to point out sexism when you see it, but it’s also important to work on the positive instead of just attacking the negative. Support your (both figurative and literal) sisters. Support women in school and women with their careers. Help them reach their full potential, and it might help you reach your full potential, too!

Photos: (Beyonce, Lizzie Velasquez, Getty)


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