4 Ways To Take Action On September 11


Photo: (Tuesday’s Children/Facebook)

Today is the 12th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. While the memory of that tragic day is still fresh in many people’s minds, today can also be an opportunity to honor the lives of those we lost, as well as the friends and family they left behind.

+ 9/11 Day Movement

9/11 Day is a nonprofit that aims to make September 11 a day about giving back. When you go to the org’s website, you can pledge to do a good deed and you can also dedicate your pledge to a 9/11 victim. What you pledge to do is up to you: You can volunteer in your area, help a loved one with a task, donate to a charity, etc.

+ Search For Volunteer Opportunities


If you want to look more for volunteer opportunities, you can check out serve.gov. There’s a special page set up for 9/11 volunteer opps. You can search for a place to volunteer, or, if you know of a good volunteer opp around you, you can invite other people.

+ Tuesday’s Children


Tuesday’s Children was started to help everyone personally affected by the terror attacks. Many people who have gone through tragedy find counseling can help, so this org offers counseling services to kids and families who lost a loved one 12 years ago. It also helps offer much-needed support to first responders and their families, among other things. You can donate or get involved with this great org.

+ Tweet Support

In 2001 Twitter didn’t exist, but now you can use the social media outlet to Tweet your support, especially to survivors and to people who lost loved ones in the attack. Hashtags you can use today are #September11 and #NeverForget.

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Join The 9/11 Day Movement

Join The 9/11 Day Movement

Join the 9/11 Day Movement and do charitable acts of kindness in honor of the victims of September 11.

take action

Visit Half Of Us

Visit Half Of Us

Learn how to deal with tragedy on Half of Us.