4 Ways To Take Action on National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Photo: (AmplifyYourVoice.org)

Photo: (AmplifyYourVoice.org)

Today is the very first National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, which is being put on by Advocates for Youth. It’s time to talk about how HIV/AIDS affects young people and what young people are doing to bring about an AIDS-free generation!

Each month 1,000 young people get HIV, and things like stigma, poor sex education, and lack of access to healthcare contribute to the high numbers. In the past, we’ve talked about different ways you can take action — like protecting yourself, not sharing needles and getting yourself tested. But for NYHAAD, we’ve got four extra ideas on how you can get involved.

+ Spread the Word

Since National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day is so new, many people haven’t heard about it. You can share this article or other info on the day by posting about it on Facebook. Or you can hashtag it up on Twitter with #NYHAAD. Get people talking!

+ Join the Twitter Chat

If you’re Tweeting the hashtag #NYHAAD, why not join the Twitter chat? Today you can chat with @YouthAIDSDay, @_CaressaCameron and @TheBodyDontCom at 2pm EST. Just make sure you use the hashtag #NYHAADchat there, too!

+ Take a Pic

Smile! In NYHAAD’s toolkit, you can get banner templates that say things like “I fight HIV & AIDS because…” You can print it out, fill in the blank, snap a pic and share on social media. This is another great way to spread awareness, and putting your face with it makes it all the more personable.

+ “Like” on Facebook

With one click you’re helping out NYHAAD. Not only are you showing your support, but if your friends are checking out what you’re up to on FB, it might get them learning more about NYHAAD, too. This can lead to more education and discussion on the realities of HIV and AIDS.

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