4 Stories That Need To Happen On ‘Girl Meets World’

Photo: (Disney, Getty)

Photo: (Disney, Getty)

As a kid who grew up watching Mr. Feeny, Cory and Topanga, I’m always ecstatic to catch “Boy Meets World” reruns on TV. So when I heard we were finally going to see what happens to our favorite characters thanks to a new show, “Girls Meets World,” my 90’s-show-loving heart almost exploded.

“Girl Meets World” will center on Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley Matthews, played by 11-year-old Rowan Blanchard. Riley will also have a brother described as a “thinking man’s jock” and her BFF, a rebellious girl named Maya Fox will be played by actress 13-year-old Sabrina Carpenter. There aren’t many other details released about the new series, which leaves us with a ton of unanswered questions: Will Mr. Feeny make any appearances? What about Shawn and Eric? Will Cory and Topanga’s kids attend John Adams High? Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until then, here are four storylines we want to see on “Girl Meets World:”

+ Spending Waaaay Too Much Time Online


Photo: Phones…gah! (playnowhd.com)

The Story: Because Riley and her friends will most likely be in middle school when the series starts, we’d love to see how Cory and Topanga handle this issue. After all, there was no Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr when they were in school. Don’t you miss the 90’s too?! We can see it now: Riley can’t put down her phone at dinner because she’s too busy using all her mobile minutes online…

The Solution: Cory and Topanga will work this out like champs. We’ll give them bonus points if they go online for resources and find organizations like LUST (Look Up Stop Texting). We’re sure, in the end, the Matthews parental unit will encourage Riley to grab a book or head outside with a few of her friends.

+ It Gets Better: Boy Scout Edition


Photo: Hey Boy Scouts, Riley wants you to RECOGNIZE! (Getty)

The Story: Speaking of friends, we’d love to see a friend of Riley’s as a Boy Scout. Instead of a camping storyline, however, we want to see him promoting equality — as a gay Boy Scout.

The Solution: Sure, the Boy Scouts of America hasn’t allowed openly LGBT scouts to be part of the organization yet, but we’re optimistic. Maybe by the time “Girl Meets World” airs that will all have changed. For now, we’d love to see Riley’s classmate showing his peers — and their parents — the importance of accepting yourself and others. He could prove to other kids watching that It Gets Better.

+ Interwebz Dramz


Photo: Riley is not down with bullying. (Getty)

The Story: If Riley is going to be spending so much time online, it makes sense she’d eventually cross digital paths with a bully. What if one day she logs on to find out there’s a (horrible) new Facebook group bashing her? UGH!!!!

The Solution: Cory and Topanga will, understandably, be devastated. The episode could follow Riley’s reaction to the page — her fear, her stress — while also encouraging parents at home to make sure they talk to their children about online abuse. We think highlighting an organization like A Thin Line would prompt conversations on-screen and off.

+ Body Image


Photo: OK, this photo is clearly Riley’s mom, Topanga, but isn’t it fitting?!(Jerk Mag)

The Story: Statistics show that boys and girls are developing unhealthy relationships with food and body image at a younger and younger age. It’s not crazy to think that Riley would have one friend who develops an eating disorder in response to peer pressure. Since most middle school students eat in the same cafeteria, Riley would definitely pick up on her friend’s change in eating habits.

The Solution: We think Riley would turn to her parents for advice on this one. Thanks to organizations like the National Eating Disorder Association, there are ample resources for those hoping to learn more about eating disorders. We’d love to see Riley support her friend as he or she worked to maintain a healthy relationship with food.

What are you hoping to see when “Girl Meets World” finally airs? Do you think the series will tackle heavy storylines like the ones we listed above?

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