4 Songs Kelly Clarkson + Beyonce Should Perform For President Obama!

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President Obama’s big day is right around the corner! The 57th Presidential Inauguration will take place on Monday, January 21 and this historical ceremony is about to turn next level with the announcement of Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce (her GQ cover is beyond) performing at the event! With these two powerful divas there is no doubt this will be an evening to remember.

Kellyonce are both the Queens of Duets, Kelly judged ABC’s “Duets” competition show while Queen B lets be honest, can duet with a wall. B has duetted (yes, that’s a word!) with the best of the best –“Upgrade U” with her hubby Jay, “Telephone” with Lady Gaga and “Put It In A Love Song” with Alicia Keys.

The President revealed, “Their music is often at the heart of the American story and speaks to folks across the country.” We decided to go ahead and choose the songs we feel Kellyonce should sing together at the Inauguration! Hope they don’t mind. OK, here we go!

+ Miley Cyrus “Party In The U.S.A.”

If there is one song that seems to always get stuck in my head, it is FO SHO Miley‘s “Party In The USA”! Just typing that I can hear the tune…”Got my hands up, they’re playin’ my song, And now I’m gonna be okay, Yeah! It’s a party in the USA!” This mega smash was released back in 2009 and even rocked the charts by jumping to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 list! The title reveals it all on why Kelly and Beyonce should sing this hit on inauguration day.

+ Estelle “American Boy”

Obama is our American Boy, American Boy… oh my, this hit brings me back! “American Boy” was Estelle‘s Grammy winning tune that even charted in over 18 countries! Now THAT is quite the accomplishment. Hearing Kelly & B sing this in a duet would be so entertaining! Will Barry get down as they sing it?! Ha!

+ Nas “If I Ruled The World”

President Obama may not rule the WORLD, but he is gonna rule America for another four! Regardless of how you feel about Mr. President, the Inauguration is a good time for all of us to begin again. Let’s put politics aside for a night and come together! And Nas‘ “If I Ruled The World,” is a great song for Obama to reclaim his throne! Kinda like Simba did in “The Lion King.” OK, maybe I’m being dramatic here but seriously, how good is this 1996 hit? Kelly and Beyonce should def take it back to the old school with this song and reeducate the youngins on quality hip-hop!

+ Kanye “POWER”

Kim and Kanye  seem to be BFF’s with Queen B & Jay, so we may as well REPRESENT with a lil’ Kanye flavor at the Inauguration! “POWER” was his lead single off his fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and is one of my very faves! President Obama embodies power and strength thus this song would be perfection for a duet! Also, seeing Kelly and Beyonce sing lyrics like “Colin Powell, Austin Powers,” could be very entertaining!

Duets aside, there are ways you can give back around the inauguration! President Obama has also called for it to be a National Day of Service on January 19, a few days before the big day so check out our action widgets below on ways to get involved with it!

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