4 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Give Back: Box O’ Beastie Boys And Other ‘S***’

Photo: Beastie Boys action figures (Buzzfeed)

Today is Friday, meaning you can shut your brain off in 3…2…1…  and throw seriousness to the wind, weekend-style. To help ease you into a low-logic state of mind, we tracked down a few seriously head-scratch-worthy acts of goodwill that are equal parts awesome and…out of the box. Let’s start off with a little Number Two.

1. Give a [number 2].

Watch the “Give A S***” PSAWarning: contains potty humor. Literally.

Oh, stop “ewwww”-ing. Everyone can appreciate bathroom humor. Give-a-S***.org (our asterisks, not theirs) doesn’t want your money, it just wants to know you actually care about social change and whether or not you give a s***–“just don’t be packing it up and mailing it.” Noted.

2. Buy a band in a box.

Photo: Beastie Boys Action Figures (Buzzfeed)

Next up: [sung in best cartoon jingle voice] The Great American Hero…G.I. Mike D!–because, well, if a box’o Beastie Boys can kick zombie butt in the “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” video, they can surely help eff up cancer a little, too. For just $750 (I know, me neither), these three fully poseable BB action figures can be yours, with proceeds going toward Alex’s Lemonade Stand and The Pablove Foundation.

3. Put the bat down and pick up a mic.

Photo: Nick Swisher performs during the Daniel's Music Foundation (Getty Images)

Now time for a T.G.I.Tongue.Twister! Smiley Nick Swisher is a singing switch-hitter who started Swish’s Wishes for the sake of little kids.

Translation: A New York Yankee  just pulled the ultimate crossover career move by releasing a children’s album (Believe) full of feel-good tunes for young’ns. Proceeds go back to his charity. Home run! Grand slam! [Insert baseball play-on-words here!]

4. Support marriage equality on “Sesame Street.”

Photo: Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street/Muppetwiki.com)

Finally, can we please let Bert and Ernie (Bernie?) get hitched already?! Haven’t these two domestic partners proven their old-married-coupledom enough–what with the effortless bickering and coordinating wardrobe? There’s a dead serious Change.org petition asking the Sesame Workshop to bless their union. ‘Bout time TV starts normalizing diversity for kids, right?

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Sign the Bert & Ernie Petition

Sign the Bert & Ernie Petition

Help "Sesame Street" ease these two out of the closet--and young kids normalize same-sex couples before they even know how to judge.

take action

Give a Sh*t

Give a Sh*t

Let it be known that you care — and test yourself of the sh*t-o-meter to prove it.