Honor Mom, Save the World: 4 Mother’s Day Cards That Give Back

Photos: (WWF)

Photos: (WWF)

Nothing says “Thanks for everything, Mom” like an awesome Mother’s Day present, right? Well, if you’re a little behind on shopping and looking for a last-minute gift, don’t sweat it! We’ve got you.

We scoured the World Wide Web for e-cards that give back. It’s a simple, easy and touching way to give back to mama dukes AND it’s all for a good cause. Here are four of our favorites:

+ For The Mom Who Protects Her Kids


Photo: (Love146.org)

With a $25 donation, you can send your mom an e-card through Love146, which works to provide “vital prevention education, job training, schooling, a safe home and holistic aftercare to children who are at risk or survivors of child sex slavery.” You can learn more about how to help end child trafficking and exploitation here.

+ For The Mom Who Is All About School


Photo: (She’s The First)

If your mom was always your biggest supporter while you were in school, you’ll definitely want to check out this card from She’s the First. When you donate $10, She’s the First will send the e-card with your personalized message. As a bonus, your e-card recipient will also receive an exclusive link to the organization’s debut documentary, “Magho (Daughter),” a short film “about the power of a mother to influence her daughter’s future.” Your $10 donation will go directly to sponsor a girl’s education: In fact, it goes straight to sponsor the star of the film! All you have to do is fill out this form, and your mom will get an amazing surprise in her inbox on Sunday.

+ For The Mom Who’s Crazy In Love With Animals


Photo: (WWF)

When you make a donation of any amount to the World Wildlife Fund, you’ll be able to send an awesome e-card to your mom. You can schedule the card to arrive in her inbox at any time, which is great for those of you who want to surprise your mom, grandmother, etc., a day earlier! With messages like, “I just donated to help protect leopards and other species to show how much I love you,” these cards are perfect for the animal lovahs in your family.

+ For The Mom Who Appreciates A Good Meal 


Photo: (World Food Programme)

According to the World Food Programme, the drought in the Horn of Africa has left “millions of people without enough food, especially children.” By donating just $5 to the WFP, you’ll provide a daily meal for one month for a hungry child in the Horn of Africa and be able to send this e-card to your mom. You can customize the message on the e-card, so you’ll be able to tell your mom why she’s so special to you. She’ll love hearing how much she means to you and will be thrilled to know you’re helping a child in need!

Check out the action widget below to see how you can get involved in these causes after you send your Mother’s Day card.

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Sponsor A Girl

Sponsor A Girl

Take a stand for girls’ education and help send a girl to school by donating to She’s The First.

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Horn Of Africa

Horn Of Africa

Find the World Food Programme's recent news on the crisis in the Horn of Africa.