4 Golden Globe Nominated TV Shows With A Message

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The Golden Globes are this Sunday, January 13, and many of this year’s T.V. nominees not only deserve awards for their tear-jerking, nail-biting, laugh-inducing awesomeness, but for breaking major racial, sexual, and political stereotypes. Here are a few of our faves.

+ Modern Family

From an odd couple, to a gay couple, to a couple with a serious age gap, “Modern Family” holds true to it’s name by showcasing various versions of the American modern family. Despite their differences, all three families come together to form one, reminding us that age, gender, and sexual preference should never hold us back when it comes to loving each other.

+ Homeland

If my AP US History class were half as interesting as “Homeland,” I wouldn’t have answered “I like Swiss cheese better than American cheese” when asked for my take on Swiss-American relations. Homeland is a fictional look into the inner workings of the CIA that hopefully sparks viewer’s interests in real-life history and politics. “Homeland” also features a female lead, breaking the stereotype that men are the only bad*sses in the CIA!

+ Girls 

HBO’s “Girls” sends one giant “F U” to societal double standards. It’s a refreshing reminder that girls can talk about, joke about, and even have sex — just like guys do — without being called sluts, and star Lena Dunham’s sharp tongue and curvaceous bod break nearly all female Hollywood stereotypes.

+ New Girl

If you wanna be Zooey Deschanel as badly as I do, then you totally understand why she’s in the running for Best Actress in a Television Series. Her show “New Girl” hosts one of the most diverse casts on television with white, Black, and Indian leading actors, reminding us that race should never be a barrier to friendship anything.

Which Golden Globe nominee is your fave? Let us know in the comments section below!

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