3 Reasons We Need “Total Demi Live” To Happen ASAP

We love Ariana Grande, but we have a bone to pick with the “Problem” singer. If we get to celebrate next week with a special Grande-themed episode of “Total Request Live,” then we demand a follow-up of the Demi Lovato variety.

Listen, we think “Total Ariana Live” is going to kick ass. The singer is seriously talented, and she deserves some time in the spotlight right now. But since TRL was all about requests, we’re making our case.

Here are 4 reasons we need an episode of “Total Demi Live:”

+ She Writes Anthems for All of Us


Back when Demi was teasing her video for “Really Don’t Care,” she swore it would be a “celebration.” As promised, the song is all that and more. It was an LGBTQ love fest – just in time for Pride Month – and frankly, it’s something we’d love to see more of on TV. Come on, guys! We could fill the audience with fans who champion equal rights! Maybe Demi could officiate a gay marriage or two. It’s genius.

+ She’s All About Taking Care of Her Mental Health


I know, I know. This isn’t Dr. Phil. But picture this: Lovato, a singer who has been open about her struggles with mental health issues, opens the floor for fans to share their stories and offer up messages of hope to others struggling. She could intersperse haunting acoustic performances in between the confessional-style revelations, and it would move America to tears. Let your people cry, MTV!

+ She Could Host Her Group of Insanely Talented Friends


You saw her newest video, right? We all know one of the best things about TRL was the guest stars, so Demi would be perfect to recruit for her special episode. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kat Graham, Cher Lloyd, or Selena Gomez – everyone would tune in to see the singer interact and perform with her real-life BFFs!

MTV, why deprive us of the greatest half hour of TRL of our lives? It’s time to bring “Total Demi Live” to America ASAP.

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