21 Reasons To Celebrate Selena Gomez’s B-Day (With GIFs)!


It’s time to sing “Happy Birthday” to Selena Gomez! The actress, singer, and activist turns 21 today, and we’ve got 21 reasons we love her!


Selena released a video to celebrate her big day, and we just had to give it the GIF treatment!

Here Are 21 Reasons To Celebrate Selena’s B-DAY!

1. She’s the youngest UNICEF ambassador.

2. Selena is a great BFF — she always has Taylor Swift‘s back.

3. She’s a big Malala supporter.

4. She’s into making sure people get clean water.

5. She wants you to have a #SummerofHope.


6. She helps the homeless.

7. She speaks up for kids with disabilities.

8. She’s helping One Fund Boston by donating concert tix proceeds.

9. She’s one of MTV Act’s Fiercest Women Making Herstory.

10. She gets her fans involved in helping UNICEF — by blogging!


11. She’s joined others to demand a plan against gun violence.

12. Whatever her future may or may not hold with Justin Bieber, they made a fabulous activist couple!

13. She helps gets animals adopted (aww!).

14. She encouraged everyone to get out there and vote in the 2012 election.

15. She took part in the Global Citizen Festival last year (will we get to see her again this year?).


16. She visits children’s hospitals — and has been known to bring JB with her to double up on the celebrity kindness!

17. She’s all about healthy relationships!

18. She’s specifically involved with UNICEF’s work to bring preventable childhood deaths to zero.

19. She’s done a PSA to bring awareness to the crisis in the Sahel region.

20. She likes to give charity concerts.


21. She’s one of the most inspirational young celebrity activists we cover at MTV Act!

take action



Donate to Summer of Hope to raise funds for cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS research.

take action



Follow UNICEF on Twitter to stay up to date on how you can get involved.