#2013resolution: WeStopHate On Confidence + Being Healthier From The Inside Out

Photo: Emily-Anne, founder of WeStopHate, with Nick Cannon. (Getty)

Do you know that only 8% of people who make new year’s resolutions succeed?! In other words, new year’s resolutions are pretty much just fun things to toast to on New Year’s Eve, or easy talking points on awkward January dates. But this year, we’ve created the #2013resolution series to help you stick to your plan — whether it’s to get richer, get healthier, or do more for others.

If you’re looking to be healthier and more confident in 2013, Emily-Anne Rigal is your girl! Her organization WeStopHate is all about using social media to raise teen’s self-esteem, and get them healthier from the inside out. We recently had a chat with Emily to learn what more about what we can do to be a part of that elite 8%!

ACT: How can we motivate more people to be more confident and healthy in 2013?

EMILY: Three words: Healthy is beautiful. At WeStopHate.org, we are all about raising self-esteem in order to be happy with ourselves and others. Feeling confident is an important step in becoming healthy. I believe that by remembering that healthy is beautiful, we can motivate ourselves to be stronger than our excuses.

ACT: What are some easy ways to get healthier in 2013? What is the first step to a healthier year?

EMILY: Find a health buddy! This can be in terms of exercising, which is way more fun with a friend, or for mental health. At WeStopHate.org, we help build each other up by working as a community that inspires each other to be better. Plus, having someone to be accountable to will encourage you on those days when the gym is the last thing on your mind or when you just really need someone to check in with you and make sure you’re doing great.

ACT: What are some myths about healthy living/eating that are untrue?

EMILY: WeStopHate works towards having the confidence to be ourselves, rather than conforming to societal norms. On social media, we see a lot of images of perfectly photoshopped beautiful models and that can lead many of us to feel down about our appearance. By focusing on all the amazing things our bodies allow us to accomplish, we can start on the journey towards appreciating and accepting our body, not bashing it!

ACT: What if I have a friend who needs to better their physical or mental health? How can I support them?

EMILY: Being a supportive friend is important. Sometimes, that means referring your friend to an expert rather than trying to help them by yourself. If you think your friend needs more help than you can provide, focus on encouraging them to seek advice from a medical professional. In the meantime, a good ol’ heart-to-heart conversation is likely to do some good, too.

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Be Confident

Be Confident

Need a little pick me up? Check out the videos over at WeStopHate and start building up your teen esteem.

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