#2013resolution: Simple Tools to Help You Give Back More In 2013

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It’s a new year, and all month we’ve shared tips and tricks to stick to your health, business, and philanthropic resolutions. If one of your resolutions is give back more in 2013, here are a few easy-to-use tools to get the ball rolling.

(And it goes without saying that we’re your first-stop shop for all things giving back, yeah? Check back every day for fun and easy ways to take action.)

+ Do It With Strangers

Whether you’re eager to get more recycling bins at your school or more reds in every bag of Skittles, try starting with a petition. Change.org is a website that helps everyday people start online petitions. Many of the petitions gain hundreds of thousands of signatures, and their causes range from saving the rainforest to urging Hasbro to feature males on the packaging of the Easy-Bake Oven. ‘Cause boys like cupcakes too!

+ Do It With Friends

Charity work doesn’t even feel like work when you do it with friends. (Or naked.) Get a group of people together and go to a local soup kitchen, charity run, or neighborhood cleanup. Plus, group charity events are a great way to ask that someone out without making it obvious that you like ‘em…you’ll also score major points for being such a good person. *winkyface*

+ Do It For Money

If you’ve got a great idea but no money to execute it, try crowdfunding! Sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are helping young philanthropists from all around the world launch their charities through the generous donations of others. If you need $500 or less, apply for a Do Something Seed Grant. They give one grant out every week, and all you’ve gotta do is apply on their website. Or maybe you’re more of a fundraising purist. Hot girl carwash it is!

+ Do It Online

Between school, work, and watching MTV (shameless plug!) you may not have the time to do much charity work. But you do have the time to Tweet! Social media gives you the power to share everything important to you with the world. Instead of Instagramming your Starbucks drink for the 1900889th time, why not Tweet about your favorite cause or philanthropist? If you read something meaningful, or inspiring, or even saddening — share it!

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take action

Create a Petition

Create a Petition

Start a petition and make an impact on an issue you care about. If 4th graders can do it, why can't you?!

take action

Get a Grant

Get a Grant

Get your charity off the ground with a $500 Do Something Grant