[VIDEO] 16 Reasons Why Voting Is Important Today!

Photo: Becca Frucht getting some voting real talk from Talib Kweli . (MTV)

Need more pop star peer pressure to get you to the polls today?! No problemo. We sat down with Passion Pit, Miike Snow, Talib Kweli and more amazing artists to get their take on why young people need to vote TODAY!

It’s like Outasight says, “Be proactive, not inactive!”

Seriously, what else we gotta do to get your butts ballot-ready?! This race could be historically close if the polls are correct — RealClearPolitics takes an average of the most up-to-date data and they have Obama and Romney in a statistical dead heat right now. Remember the hot electoral mess that was Bush vs Gore in 2000?!

In other words, your vote WILL matter, so join the political party today! It’s your right, so don’t get it wrong and miss out. No one wants to feel FOMO!

+Watch 16 Reasons Why Voting Is Important.

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