12 MTV Movie Award Moments That Made A Difference

Before Conan takes to the stage to host this year’s MTV Movie Awards, we thought we’d throw it back a few decades to relive the most pro-social moments from the historic award show!

+ 1992: Attendees Wear Red Ribbons for AIDS Awareness at the First-Ever MTV Movie Awards

We have to throw it all the way back to 1992 to kick off this list. SNL alum Dennis Miller hosted the first-ever MTV Movie Awards, and all the big-name attendees wore red AIDS  awareness ribbons. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had one pinned on his shirt when he presented the award for Best Female Performance!

+ 1994: Tom Hanks Promotes AIDS Education

Two years later, Tom Hanks scooped up the award for Best Male Performance for his role in Philadelphia. During his acceptance speech, the actor used his time on stage to talk about an issue that was close to his heart and central to his film: AIDS education.

+ 2002: Chris Tucker Raises Awareness About AIDS & Poverty

Fans of the Rush Hour installments won’t be surprised to know Chris Tucker took home the award for Best Fight for his skills in Rush Hour 2. Tucker made every second on the stage count by turning his acceptance speech into a PSA about AIDS and poverty in Africa.

+ 2003: taTu Stuns With Pro-LGBT Performance

Before Frank Ocean and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, there was taTu. The duo was always known for incorporating LGBT themes into their music, but this performance took their commitment to the next level. At the end of the show, they had all the dancers kiss! Contrary to popular beliefs, the ladies in the group are not lesbians, but they are definitely allies!

+ 2005: Ryan Gosling Wins Best Kiss & Promotes Darfur Awareness

Looking back, there’s no surprise Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ acceptance for the Best Kiss award has gone down in history as one of the best awards show moments ever. We have to admit that we were hard-pressed to think of something hotter than the kiss between the two stars of “The Notebook,” but we finally settled on Gosling’s shirt. Sure, the actor is hot, but we’re even more in love with the fact that he decided to raise awareness about the situation in Darfur with his outfit!

+ 2005: Tom Cruise Talks About Creating Relief Through Art

In 2005, we gave Tom Cruise the first-ever Generation Award, which was presented by Katie Holmes. In his acceptance speech, the actor talked about the importance of creating relief around the world by using art. Bonus: Look how cute Cruise and Dakota Fanning were!

+ 2006: Spike Lee Stuns Audience Into Silence

In 2006, Spike Lee earned the Silver Bucket of Excellence for the enduring impact of Do the Right Thing, a film highlighting racial and social issues that was released all the way back in 1989. While on stage, he stunned the audience into silence by asking, “These issues are still with us today, so how much progress have we made?”

+ 2006: Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger Win for “Best Kiss”

Even though it’s been eight years, we can’t forget the buzz that surrounded Brokeback Mountain. Jake called receiving the award “a real honor,” which it totally is. Did you know Jake and Heath’s kiss beat Brad and Angie’s from Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

+ 2006: Joshua Caldwell Wins the First mtvU Student Filmmaker Award

We might be biased, but 2006 was a pretty awesome year for the MTV Movie Awards. Along with the two mentions above, it was also the first year we chose one talented student filmmaker to honor. Joshua Caldwell, a student at Fordham University, took home the first mtvU Student Filmmaker Award for The Beautiful Lie.

+ 2009: Andy Samberg Knows “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions”

Even though Andy Samberg’s song “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” was a spoof, we can’t help thinking that guys could get something out of the lyrics. Take the line “The real men have the nuts to walk away.” You hear that, guys? There’s no need to let a situation escalate to a confrontation. Just walk away!

+ 2010: Sandra Bullock Takes Home the Generation Award

It was one of her best years ever, so it’s no surprise Sandra Bullock made waves at the Movie Awards! She took home the Generation Award, and throughout the course of the night she managed to address the scandal surrounding then-husband Jesse James, kiss Scarlett Johansson and raise awareness about the oil spill in the Gulf!

+ 2012: Emma Stone Receives the First Trailblazer Award

A relative newcomer at the time, Emma Stone was the perfect choice to take home the first-ever Trailblazer Award. She brought the audience to tears as she emphasized the importance of being true to yourself during her speech.

+ 2013: Emma Watson Follows in Stone’s Footsteps

Who knew we were going to choose two Emmas back-to-back as the years’ Trailblazers? Watson gave a similarly uplifting speech by encouraging viewers to follow their dreams. The always handsome and heartwarming Channing Tatum is this year’s recipient, and we have no doubt he will bring the inspiring speeches to the next level.

Photos: (Getty/MTV)

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